Global AI Ship Traffic V2 native version and Great Lakes

There was a reason we have been a bit quiet lately…

We obviously also have a load of new models :smiley: Just today I compiled more than 20 including three classes of DFDS ro/ro ships…


An hour passed since last screenshot… Aspendos Seaways now arrived and docked in Trieste…


We are adding a lot of new ships. Even if the beta now works correctly again after SU9 we will proceed to splitting up the package in on one side the ship collection and on the other side both a complete and regionalized routes packages based on bgl files and as an alternative to that now the AIG powered real time version. We wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong after SU8 and trying to test alternative solutions, to what was ultimately an Asobo issue which they fixed again. So for now we take it a bit easy as the current Beta version works except for a few small visual details. Maybe we will get something ready for next weekend - maybe first in three weeks as I will go abroad on business again.


Henrik, question: is this new real time ferries addition included or embedded in Global ships, or a separate download/Program running alongside Global ships? Just curious…

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@hnielsen791 so there will continue to be a prescheduled version like today, aside from the Live version? I’m very satisfied with the current version.

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For everything to work properly we make different options available:

  1. A complete package as today with ships and bgl traffic - if you want to fly in a different time zone or want to work offline this is still a good alternative; however we don’t know how long Asobo will let the bgl live, but we will continue to make it available.

  2. A package with ships only which can be combined with either AIS or bgl traffic or combining both

  • A number of regional BGL traffic packages

  • One or more AIS driven traffic packages

The bgl traffic and the AIS driven traffic works fine together but eg for testing I removed the English Channel routes from GAIST as they would in principle double up the ferry traffic and mess up the harbor entrance. On the other hand some ships do not send AIS information eg many navy ships, so we will have to keep bgl driven traffic for Navy ships.

DFDS ro/ro ships in Rotterdam


I hope the installation will not be to difficult and flooded with options and packages.

Can’t wait for the online traffic :+1::+1::+1:


We will see how simple we can make it.


This is going to be epic :wink: or as I have posted internally over at AIG “we will set sail”.

With Henrik we have a very motivated and skilled community member, who designs top of the end AI models for Ships, combined with the experience of AIG regarding AI traffic (air, ground, sea) we can reach new milestones within MSFS.

This new cooperation will open up a huge amount of new options for all involved and bring features for the end-user that no one has seen before.


Thanks for the new info; right now though this all seems a little confusing as to what will be needed or not and in what form.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how all of this shakes out, plus I’m confident in the end installation will be made as simple as possible for the end user.

@hnielsen791 I just saw a completely lit ship when it was quite dark with two wakes far from it on its left and right side.
It wasn’t too far from Bodø Airport in Norway.
Apologize for the screenshot quality but I was flying in VR at 680 knots with the FA-18. :sweat_smile: I hope you can recognize it!

(click me)

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I am very happy that SU9 seems to have fixed the freezing problem with GAIST, just a pity that Asobo would not acknowledge the problem because it affected a third party addon and had us scratching our heads for weeks trying to figure out what was causing the problem and trying to find workarounds to no avail.

Whinge mode off :wink:
I feel better now :slightly_smiling_face:


Exciting stuff! Is this going to use the same AIG Traffic Controller app as their AI airplanes, so we only have to launch one app to get both the air and sea traffic, I hope?


This is so exciting.

As a long time user the prospect of real time AIS data shipping in MSFS is just fantastic. There’s no doubt that graphically MSFS pretty much nails it, but as far as creating a living world we are still have some way to go. Real time shipping will bring the oceans (and lakes and rivers potentially) to life.

Happy to pay a subscription for this feature if that’s what it takes.

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We really don’t hope a subscription should come into play for the simple reason, that we don’t know if the “rules of the house” will change tomorrow and whatever we launch will stop working. Besides we are freeware developers of heart and for the fun of it. In a moment I will head off to my day time work which is interesting, tough and stressful - modelling is relax except for the days where you realize that everything stopped working because of one of the above changes…

@flobud - thanks for the picture - that is a Canadian fregate - it also has a faulty wake; both issues will be corrected. Good to see a night picture.


San Francisco Bay this evening. :slight_smile:


Probably asked a thousand and one times but: If i’m not seeing many ships at 5%, can i bump it to more than 10%? Or the max recommended is 10?


You can do so - anyway this will mix in more default MSFS ships :wink:

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Thanks Delta2k5.

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i have no sailing boats with Gaist Ultra , what should i set the slider for Boats and Ships/Ferrys to? mine are at 100 ?