Global AI Ship Traffic V2 native version and Great Lakes

GAIST will work fully at 10. Over that and you may get clashes.

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ah ok thanks

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sail boats are no regulated by Ships and ferries setting - you have to turn your leisure boats setting up to 100%. The boats are not part of Global AI Ship Traffic but default and will spawn close to maior cities. There are some sailboats in Global AI Ship Traffic but in limited areas.

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Thanks and ships and ferry 100 too?

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Could you please take a screenshot of the best setting to get GAIST optimal? (ships, ferries, leisure boats…)

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ships and ferries maximum 10
Pleasure boats the setting is not important you can put 100 if you want, only ships and ferries concern Global AI ship traffic.


I will do once I get near the sim again - but as @MisterBenson33 say ships & ferries max 5-10% and leisure boats can be up to 100%.

Nice to see the trouble experienced by some during SU8 now seems to be corrected by Asobo without need of any changes to the package :slight_smile:


where do i sign up? :flushed:

I think he talks about vanilla boats so just sign up to your MSFS settings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

MSFS Karaoke setting? :slight_smile:


short update from the AIG side on the DFDS project:

I just send Henrik a new test version to checkout the new models he has developed.
We will use this project more or less as a public “prove of concept” and test different ways to add live traffic to the Simulator. Like the default airplane online AI traffic in the Sim we will also have a slight delay in this project to allow caching the next 3-4 minutes of the ships. We hope this will allow better handling of this ships in narrow seaways.

There will be always some kind of limitations/visual glitches you will see when using this kind of live traffic:

  • Ships might dock not correct (some parts are on land)
  • Ships turning radical (remeber this is a FlightSIm and not a ShipSim)
  • Shipt sailing over land. (We do get position data not every second, more like every minute, so we do not know what the Ship has done in this 60 seconds. The Sim does not provide any information about terrain at the moment, so we estimate the ship sailed from A->B on a stright line. This will not be an issue in open sea, but might cause issues at other parts.

Thats all for now. I am sure Henrik will keep you guys in the loop regarding the visual stuff (the more important thing^^)


Will this rely upon Simconnect like AIGTC does?

Or better yet, will it just use an updated AIGTC so we don’t have to run two executables along with MSFS to have both AI ships and airlines, I hope?

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My concern is that Simconnect is flaky.

thats not just you…

Btw. The issue with different altitudes (Great Lakes) can not be fixed (at the moment) using SimConnect, so we will have the limits from BGL based AI there as well. Issue has been reported to Asobo already, lets see if they can fix this.


Anyone having the following issue?

It has nothing to do with the last update; it is an issue on the Great Lakes as there are parallel routes with ships submerged under the water surface due to the altitude bug in MSFS. The ships in the Great Lakes package do not have wakes, but their submerged “twins” from GAIST Beta do and the wake appears where the submerged twin is. This also happens if you have Seafront’s Enhanced AI installed and turn up leisure boats and fly over the Great Lakes - the boats will not appear but their wakes will.


Thank you for that explanation…unfortunate that this bug for inland waters occurs…

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I will see when I can get time to give a little love the Great Lakes again; I have a busy schedule in real life the coming months, and at the same time we are full speed on our next update with real time ships and the North Sea.


It’s probably just a feeling, but after SU9 I see less traffic density from Gaist.
Is there a configuration parameter that affects it?

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