Global AI Ship Traffic V2 native version and Great Lakes

I also feel like I’m seeing way less GAIST traffic since SU9. Wondering if I’m imagining things or if it’s actually the case.

Nope. Plenty of traffic, and I’ve moved forward on my EU, Caribbean, and CONUS journies. No shortage of ships with GAIST and everything at 6 percent.


There will always be variation in traffic with GAIST over time, and also the sim does not always display everything, but that is not new…

Anyway the below is new… German 28m rescue cruiser from DGzRS.


I was asked if we stopped developing since it is still the Beta which is uploaded… Answer is no… We are very busy with the real time version and also adding ships… For the DFDS real time fleet the flagships of the DFDS fleet Luna Seaways and Aura Seaways were missing, but they are taking shape in the virtual yard… With a length of 230m and with 4.5 km car lanes they are the biggest passenger ferries under Danish flag. Currently they serve Karlshamn - Klaipeda on the Baltic Sea.


I do like DFDS, nice clean livery.

And I know I am on time when i park the car at the office and see either Princess Seaways or King Seaways sail up the Tyne each morning.

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:smiley: So, with the real time version you can go for a morning flight in the sim and when you see one of them approaching you know it is time to leave…

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My game constantly freeze during flight loading when selecting Bali airport or its surrounding. As soon as I remove GAIST, it works again.

100% repro 10/10 flights.

Could someone let me know if this is also the case for him/her?



Nope, seems to work fine on my end - last pic is an active fishing boat


Alright thanks for the report. Dunno what’s going on again. :sleepy:

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The inner works of this sim are difficult to understand… I admire those who have the patience to continue to develop for this sim… oh no… I am one of them… :face_with_thermometer:


Well, could be worse like developing for XPlane… whenever Austin decides something crazy have to be implemented everyone else have to use it - normal propellers would have been just vanished in favor of something more fancy :wink:


As the top gun challenge seems to include a landable deck of a moving aircraft carrier … Is their a chance that we can land ( not with fighther jets :slight_smile: on Henriks ship soon ?
Anyway i put it on the wishlist…Asobo should at least share the code they used with freeweare devellopers…


I definitely hope this will be possible - we have around 300 ships with heli platforms or landing decks and they used to have hard decks in FSX and P3D so we want that back. That number of course also means that even if we get the SDK directions it won’t be the first day, but we definitely we will go for it - after all it is a flight simulator…

Also the model I work on right now for the DFDS real time project has heli deck


do not want to bring hopes down:

Tested the Carrier and the Frigate Model outside the default Mission: Both do not have a hard deck to land

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:cry: :cry: :sob:

I still have hope that one day we will have moving rolling ships as it would just make any heli ops so much more fun.

Both of the below Danish navy vessels are in the package patrolling the North Atlantic - in P3D landing in rough weather could be quite a challenge… Though probably less nerve wrecking than the below real life landings…


lets wait and see what they do :wink:


Took the carrier out for a small ride on a route outside the mission… not a big success…

Not only was the superstructure missing, but it was also as soft as air…

As there was no bridge one of the GAIST destroyers took the carrier on tow…

The new wakes do look decent, but they are built over the same known concepts and suffer from the same problems as our existing wakes.

Very weak drawing at low windspeeds

and excessive at higher winds


I am sure we will find a solution sometime :wink:


yes, for sure - also looking at these pictures and then I look back at how the sea and ships looked in FSX and then we have come a very long way…

And just saw that downloads of the Global AI Ship Traffic rounded 125.000 today…


Slowly getting there…