Global Carriers - needs an optical landing system

Global Carriers - needs optical landing system. Is this in a new update? Will it be coming soon? Will the F-18 be able to trap on the carrier? Arresting wires and a working tailhook are needed as well. Thanks.

Carriers!? I haven’t seen them at all! Are they mods?

“Global Aircraft Carriers” in the MSFS 2020 Marketplace

There’s a payware carrier that simulates catapult launches and arresting gear landings.

Unfortunately I just don’t see MSFS getting a “real” carrier experience unless some 3rd party developer takes it on. It’s too “niche” I think.

You want to fly carrier ops? DCS. Full stop.

I’d be surprised if MSFS didn’t get a working carrier with the Top Gun expansion.

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I honestly don’t know what the likelihood of that is. Then again, with the way the movie release is going it’ll be 2025 before we see that! :joy:

Is it free?

No, it’s around $12 I believe.

No catapult or arresting wire, and it often registers landing as a crash because it’s technically scenery. The dev recommends turning crashes off to land and take off.

Ooh sounds horrible, I’ll wait for the top gun which it’s release date was changed 3 times and will probally never ever come out. Thanks

Np. Yeah I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I had actually stopped to read the description. Basically unusable at this point and they’re not even searchable as airports.

The dev did answer some questions in another thread and said they planned on updating. We’ll see.

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They do show as airports

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It may have been updated but they definitely didn’t at launch. They had to release a map to show where to find them on the globe because they weren’t searchable at the time.

I have a blast trying to land on these with a variety of planes including the Reno ones. Arresting wires are for wimps =)