Glowing Aircraft and Objects issues still present

It’s still. You can see it on engines of A320 or on cessna yoke. I will post later screenshots, but the problem is still, I saw it yesterday. It’s much less visible than before the last update.



I think it’s the best middle ground that they can do. They probably tested it and end up with something worse if it was completely disappears.

I know I have worst FPS and grainy pixelated cloud when the glowing outline was not there.
Then the grainy pixelated cloud was fixed, but the side effect was the glowing outline. But my FPS was improved significantly.
Now, with the glowing outline less visible, my FPS drops slightly, and my cloud looks a slightly grainy but not as bad as the first one.

I’m pretty sure the grainy pixelated cloud and the glowing outline issue is related to each other. The question is… If you have to choose… which one would it be? Grainy pixelated cloud with no outline, or a smooth cloud with glowing outline? Or what we currently have… somewhere neither and in between?

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