Glowing contours

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This problem has existed for several months, I was hoping that the SU6 would fix it, but it is still there and is slowly becoming annoying.

Making videos or taking screenshots is no fun.

The stripes always appear when there is shadow in the background in the backlight.

Some claim it should have something to do with the clouds (pixel shader bug) others think it is due to the AA, which I can deny because I have tried it unsuccessfully even without activated AA.

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Same Problem, but in movment…

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I’ve tried pretty much everything, from different GPU drivers, tried all options in the sim, new install of the hole simulator, unfortunately unsuccessful.

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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
ASUS Rog Strix X750-E Gaming
KFA2 GeForce RTX 3070 SG
32GB Corsair Vengeance @3200Mhz
Samsung 980 Pro 500GB/1000GB
Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11
Fractal Define R6

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Since SU5

I have this problem as well.

THX for your Feedback…

Have you created a Zendesk ticket?
It is really important that everyone who has the problem create one…

This was discussed on the Developer Q&A today (October 20, 2021) on Twitch by Seb. Usually this feed will be posted on YouTube with timelines.

Hey @Hester40MT

Nice to hear that :ok_hand:

Thank you for the Info

Does this also correspond to this issue?

Hmmm that’s hard to say as there is no pictures of the problem in the mentioned thread.

As I have noticed, the people there are mainly affected in VR, with me this is the case even without VR.

I have this problem as well, without VR.


Well it’s been almost 1 year and the problem still exists.

When will Asobo finally fix this error???


I was about to say this…

This is not in any way a new problem. It appeared long ago.
It seems to be related to the scene lighting, especially with darker objects when the background is also dark with light globally present.

Not as disturbing in VR as the inconsistent raymarched reflections for each eye.

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Yes, thats correct.

When i deactivate the Raymarch Effects, the Issue is away.
But this can not be the solution… Sorry.

As i said Asobo has to fix this…

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Is it? Have to try myself, because do those raymarched effects do really anything relevant? Do you see any visual difference when turning them off?

Yes, of course, it looks a lot worse. Specially Waterreflections…

Now before someone comes and says take another GPU driver, it has nothing to do with it. I was already in contact with nvidia about it. :wink:

I also tested it with 2-3 different ones, but without success.


And the problem still exists.

I don’t think Asobo will ever bother about it.

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Just to keep the thread alive.

The problem is still there after SU9.


It’s really annoying watching a takeoff on a cloudy day…


Yes it completely destroys the immersion :face_vomiting:

If only it was the only graphical error. There are still the horizontal stripes at sunrise and sunset.


This problem also occurs with rotating wind turbines. If you set the Raymarching option to Ultra, which is the best setting, it should also get better, but unfortunately it is exactly reversed.

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Yes, you can see it among other things in the hair of the co-pilot. I’ve given up hope that they’ll fix it. I don’t think they know how themselves, otherwise they would have eliminated it a long time ago.

The only way to get rid of these artifacts is to disable raymarching, which then looks a lot worse

I think the problem has been there for over a year.


Still an issue in SU10 Beta, Asobo please comment if possible.

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