GNS is messed up in all aircraft that use it

Hi all!
I had installed TFDI GTN 750 for the Flysimware Cessna 414. Now, the default GNS 530 is corrupted…I cant adjust freq’s, no map, etc…Anyone know how to resolve this since the default and eve nthe 3rd party aircraft like Carenado are affected? I’ve uninstalled the TFDI GTN app and am looking how to restore the GNS530…Thanks!

Have you updated it recently? It was updated a couple of weeks ago.

Try re-installing the aircraft

Hi all-
I did remove it and reinstall through the marketplace- I only tried it with the default Cessna 172 to test. This is affecting every aircraft using the default GNS 530 so I think its something else besides the individual aircraft- maybe an xml file or something that is the centralized place for that panel device?

Try this GNS 530 mod from the author of the PMS GTN 750,

Thanks for the info- I’ll check it out!

And the answer is ???