GNS530 Mod Load Flight Plan File

Hey guys - so I’m trying to get the GNS530 mod load flight plan from file feature to work. I followed these steps:

## Flight plan loading
19 flight plans can be loaded.
The flight plan files must be named “fplx.pln” where x is a number between 1 and 19.
The files must reside in the folder named fpl530 at the root of the MOD folder.
Only the PLN format is accepted.
If the PLN file comes from MSFS2020 (save option in world map) the MOD will recognize SID, STARS and APPR.
If your PLN file comes from another software, the result may differ from the original flight plan because the producer software may not use the same database so SID, STAR or APPROACH may be not recognized.

and got the flight plan to be recognized and partially load, however it won’t recognize custom waypoints. However if i load the same flight plan into MSFS map screen and start the sim, then the GNS530 will recognize the custom waypoints.

Anyone know why this is or how to get it to work as I’m trying?

I think this is a limitation of the flight planning engine inside each GPS. Even Working Title’s units can only accept custom waypoints via the sim’s default Flight Planner.