GNS530 mod

I’m sorry, I can’t answer your question. I never looked into it.

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You can have user waypoints when you import flight plans.
We are currently working on the user waypoints creation but this will be for the GTN750 first.


Asobo has to stop adding “features” without clear documentation about what it does and why it is part of the update. Did these new waypoints fix a reported problem? If so, what problem did it fix? Is this new “feature” backwards compatible with older flight plans? Do flight plans without these waypoints break something in MSFS and maybe cause something like a CTD to happen?

Asobo has to stop doing this!

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ASOBO need to either scrap this Flight planner or make another one, like a PRO PLANNER. A flight planner should not ever be adding anything you not have added. If your Flight plan is for Example

KTEB - MRL - ABC - DEF - KLCI then that is what it should be in the flight plan, then if you add SIDS and STARS they go in the appropriate place in the plan, every other SIM manages this very basic thing, why is this happening. It is a toy town system.

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The weird one is when it adds that approach point to your destination airfield, which all looks fine till you add an enroute way point 100 miles away. and your flight plan now has you flying to the MS approach point on final at your destination, then turning back 100 miles to your enroute way point and then returning to the destination runway you just left.

Discussion about the map screen but should probably be moved/linked to the following thread:

I’ll ask some of my posts to be pulled from this thread, and moved over to that one.

New release 1.0.38

  • bugfix: the messages were not refreshed correctly
  • bugfix: the correct leg was not reactivated after a direct to an approach WP
  • bugfix: the OBS path was not displayed in directTo if there was an empty flight plan.
  • bugfix: the directTo was not working correctly.

Available at: GitHub - pimarc/pms50-gns530: Flight simulator 2020 GNS530 Mod


Hey, love your mod! Thanks!

A but that I just found. The 530’s needle seems like it going in the oppsite direction, like reverse sensing on BC approach while the 430 displays the deflection correctly. In the follwing picture you can see the I am slightly to the right of the track. While the 430 tells me to correct to left, the 530 tells me to correct to the right.


Yes this is a bug. It will be fixed in next release.
Thanks for reporting it.


@Barod4593 Sorry to go off topic, but what plane is that?


Well, it’s a twin engine turboprop if that helps you narrow it down…

LOL, I figured out that much, but it doesn’t look like the King Air to me. Then again I have next to no time in that b1rd, I want to like it but I just can’t with the default version. Maybe someone will come out with a good study level version of it.


It’s either the Embraer I’m thinking or the new Otter that’s supposed to be released soon?
I don’t know of any other twin engine turboprops.

Edit: It’s not the Nextgen Embraer or the Aerosoft Otter… Apparently we just got a sneak peak? Looks nice.


I can’t figure it out, there’s not many aircraft without a center post on the windshield. It looks like a pretty wide cockpit.

I want to say it’s a Piaggio, but, it’s not right on the warning lights, but, perhaps there’s a model like that, it’s close.

Looks like a Piper Cheyenne. Probably another Carenado port on its way? Looks great.

It’s definitely a Piper.

4X-AVV is actually an early Seneca so that is irrelevant.

Does look a bit like a Seneca V cockpit but the Seneca V is turbocharged but not a turbo prop.

Cheyenne might indeed be a good match if it is definitely a Turbo prop.

Carenado’s Piper Seneca. A very enjoyable aircraft.

You’re right, it’s Carenado Seneca V. 4X-AVV is a Seneca II but there’s only Seneca V available so it’s the closest I can get.


Ah … someone tricked them by saying “turbo prop” as the Seneca V is actually a turbocharged piston twin not a turbo prop :smiley: Thought it looked like the Seneca V .


Can you explain again I can’t understand what you mean aren’t they the same ?