GNS530 mod


TCAS, Terrain Radar, a lot more functionalities and it works, really really good as what should have been by default. WT and PMS are great!


New release 1.0.51

  • Display VLOC1 or VLOC2 instead of VLOC in the CDI state field.
  • SU10 compatibility.

Available at: GitHub - pimarc/pms50-gns530: Flight simulator 2020 GNS530 Mod


Hey, just installed this mod and im loving it alot! Are you gonna add the nearest airport, or make that box functional? And also when selecting the OBS button will you allow us to select courses to intercept in the direct to menu?

I’m having difficulty with activating a leg within an approach. Every time I try to activate a leg I just get the error box reading ‘Activate Approach First’. Thing is, I have already activated the Approach via the PROC menu…I’m headed to EGAA, ILS Runway 25 via RINGA Approach. I’m on autopilot NAV to Ringa…I can see that clearly on the 430 and also when I hit FPL, RINGA is highlighted as the active waypoint. I cursor down to the point after RINGA (DP276 maybe?) and hit ‘Menu’ - ‘Activate Leg’ - then I invariably get the aforementioned error message. Extremely frustrating. It’s likely user error on my part so any advice apprecuiated.

I’ve had the exact same thing a few hours ago. I suppose it could be user error, but not sure. It seems to not want to arm approaches.

Spoke to PMS50 on the Discord channel. If you are Direct TO the IAF (in my case RINGA), you cannot select a different leg on the approach until after you have passed the IAF. Instead you need to use DIRECT TO your chosen leg. I’ve tried this, and although it initially appears to work, on arrival at the waypoint it deletes the rest of your flightplan / approach.

OK…Just spoke with PMS50 again…your flightplan on the GNS530 must also include an origin.

The Nearest page should already work. It may take a few seconds to populate though.