GNS530 mod

No, but given my spastic sleep schedule it’s a good bet I’ll be up at 12:01 AM tonight, and will check it then!

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Was doing some testing on my Modded Transponder, and noticed a few thing with the GNS530

  • High Altitude = Long range VORs (ie > 99.9 nm) do not fit in display.
    Maybe if > 99.9 miles, 1nm precision is sufficient, then will fit.
    ie 123 rather than 123.5

  • The GPS distance to VOR is different to DME distance.

I can see that happening in RL, but why in Sim, unless Asobo is being really clever, and causing the difference. (the data comes from the same Database ? )
Not a real concern

But the > 99.9 nm not fitting is little more concerning.

If fixing these Text Overflows is something you are interested in doing, I see a number of them, and could start making a list.

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Yes please let me know about the list of overflows.
A new release is nearly ready, I’m just waiting for the next asobo update.

For the DME distance, in one case we ask the sim for the DME distance (DME equipment) and in the second case we ask for the WAYPOINT distance (GPS equipment). I suppose there can have a small difference here but not very significant.

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Hey everybody,

sorry to say this but your mod is not enjoyable for me. I have only tried this with the PA44!
There are serval bugs that occur. I will name all of which I experienced and if you need any more information, just tell me.

  1. Avionic freeze as mentioned here before, OBS and CDI button still working. Being on vatsim the com switch button does work and it changes the frequencies but it wont display the change and any change with the knob to select a different freq.
  2. FLP does not behave normal. When putting in a SID it wont be displayed in the FLP page. Putting in my route leeds to a bug where it cant find new waypoints. And in addition the FLP page wont show the blinking selection, so I dont know where my selection is in that moment but I can edit the waypoint which is selected without me knowing which one.
  3. Using the AP in GPS or VLOC mode gives me slow turning rates which results in bad accuarcy.

I will try everthing later in a default plane, but since the PA44 uses the default GNS530 I am not certain this will fix my issues.

But thanks for the great work!

The Mod should work fine with the carenado aircrafts.

Maybe a wrong installation?

Please read the installation and bug reporting information at the top of this thread.

Especially, if you have an issue and want my help, please be very precise.


As you say, a small difference – no big concern.

It also could depend on how Asobo calculate these ranges.

DME should certainly approximate to “Slant Range” – at least when more than a mile or so from the DME – but is it.

GPS could be calculated as either . Ground range or Slant Range…

Makes very little difference, especially at low altitudes, but maybe one day, I may try to test and see what Asobo are really providing.

Anyone know how the mod is looking with the update?

Just tried few things and everything seems to work.
Now I need to test more.

I assume ASOBO did not fix the Insert WP in their code ?

No mention of it in the latest update notes

In fact, only one specific “Change Log” GNS530 Update by Asobo, since release :frowning:


Flying it right now, confirmed seems to be ok so far.

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Waypoint insertion is still buggy with the original GNS530, in a different way but buggy.
U-turn bug is still here.

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I just flew it for an hour in the Cessna, didn’t have any issues. But, I didn’t do much more than a couple of in-the-cockpit direct-to’s (direct to 69NH, then direct to back to KASH). Original flight plan was just KASH to KASH to a parking spot. Checked out the first 3 map pages plus the waypoint and another page, used the autopilot (NAV) back to KASH. It flew it nicely.

Interesting that when I started cold and dark, the both the 530 and 430 were off. At first I thought it was because I was using a livery for the plane with the panel.cfg hack, but, nope, just had to turn them on with the knob, just like the KX155’s in the 152. Pretty cool :slight_smile:
That and the Transponder had to be turned on. The autopilot I think had no way to turn off, and the ADF didn’t turn off, either.

For me, everything seems to work now.
I will release 1.0.22 tomorrow.

For information, I have added an option in the default NAV page to restart the GPS unit (in case you have trouble other than a CTD or a complete freeze). This reloads also your original flight plan. Maybe useful sometimes.


Hei again,

so my post was unnecessary. There is a bug where my avionics freeze after some flight time, but it also occurs with the default avionic.
In the end its the PA44 thats buggy and not your mod (should have tested that before writting, but it was a busy day).
Anyways I am glad to enjoy your mod now!

Thanks for your feedback.
I’m currently using the carenado m20R. No problem with it.

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Since you fly the PA44 as well, I wanted to ask someone; are you also unable to get the HSI CDI to connect to the GNS530’s active flightplan?

Even when I set the CDI selection in the GNS to GPS instead of VLOC, the HSI still seems to be indicating NAV1 input.

The map cursor add-on is awesome! Very handy. So far, GNS530 mod works perfectly after the update. Thank you very much!


Another user seems to having the same issue:

“3. HSI still doesn’t sync with GPS when CDI set to GPS (even thought HSI featured in PA44 does has GPS marking inside HSI gauge)”

I think I’m having this issue too. Will check again. We might need to contact Carenado and file a bug report through their zendesk.

Fixed in latest version of MSFS (12/22/2020)
Something you will see when in the GNS530 (Modded or not)

  • The slow roll out back out of bank, and onto course is now FIXED ,
  • It now rolls out of bank at same rate it rolls into bank …



Note: Green - Bank Angle * 5 degrees

Now the Green (same color in both plots) Rolls back out of bank at the same rate it went into the bank, unlike before, where it just cautiously inched out at a very slow rate.

This should make any turns the plane makes on the GPS map, appear to follow the desired course a lot better,

To get really “TECHNICAL” it’s a little more “Wiggly” but at least its not “Twitchie:wink:


Where is the link for the GNS mod?