GNS530 mod

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Available at:


  • Added real-time METAR data (see note in readme file)
  • Added a menu item in the default NAV page for restarting the GPS.
  • VOR/LOC standby frequency automatically set to ILS/VOR frequency when loading or activating approach
  • Added messages about airspaces (4 types of messages as described in the GNS530 documentation)
  • Added messages for missing departure and/or arrival airports
  • Last selected waypoint in the map available for the waypoint page
  • Changing some distance display in nearest pages (rounded)
  • Bugfix: selection mode blocked after activating an approach from the procedure menu
  • Bugfix: incorrect database information may freeze the GPS when displaying a procedure map

This may affect the reactivation of an approach after a direct To an approach waypoint in the MOD.
I will make the necessary fix for that (checking reactivation at 2nm of the target instead of 1nm now).

Ver 22
I got a metar API Key and put in into the config.json file of the GND530 mod

I get “No Data” after a flash of some other text “connecting ?”

Initially I put the API key in the GMS530_Data Mod, but that did not work so I put it in the main MOD.
Still did not work.

I am using Live Weather.

Maybe add some text as to why No data ?
is it No Data because there is no data, or because it cannot even get data ?

On a Positive more, Inserting a WP into the FP works great now. :slight_smile:

  • Maybe some of the other config items can be put into the config.json file

  • In particular, the Freq Spacing & the head UP/North options.

So, at the moment, my main issue is “No Data” for Metars

BTW My key is of format RMxxx-(36 x’s) (36 ? )

(and yet another morning of playing, instead of working !!)

You can test the API here:

Test with the following URL:

You can replace LFRK with any valid METAR station

In Authorization choose “Bearer Token” and fill the Token field with your avwx token

If you want send me your config.json file in a private message. I will check it.
If you have the data mod installed, use the json file of the data mod.

Or use directly the url in your browser:

Where MYTOKEN is your avwx token and where you replace LFRK with your station.

The result is json file

My key works on the test website, but I get “no data” in the GNS530

Maybe a bad syntax in your config file ?
Or your airport has no metar station ?
Send me your config.json in private message. I will test it here.

config file looks fine
KIAD – major Airport – has working metars in the web test, (got results)

Just send it to me

TIPS: you can modify your config file and use the new option to restart the GPS. It saves time.


Here is the expected format of the config file

“weather_radar”: “on”,
“weather_legend”: “on”,
“metar_avwx_token”: “SetYourOwnTokenHere”

Don’t forget the commas except for the last entry.

and must be in the gns530-data MOD (if you are using that gns430-data Mod )

If using the gns430-data Mod, the config.json in the original gns530 Mod is overwritten


And thanks @ScorpionFilm422 – for the help in getting Metars to work on my MSFS.

(I need to learn to better check for Commas !!! )

It is the season for giving :blush:

Thank you very much @ScorpionFilm422 for this version 1.0.22!


Looks awesome! Is it compatible with the Working Title mods?

Should be compatible. Just use the last versions of the working title mods.
And if you have an issue try without any other mods installed before reporting.

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I don’t have an “metar_avwx_token” in my config, is this normal? I typed it in as well as my token manually

I’m also getting “no data” even though my avwx token is in

It is working for me. I received data for several airports.

Hei everybody,
I got an issue with the GNS530 and G1000 mod in default as well as payware and mod airplanes. After programming the FLP the 13. entry will kind of crash the navigation system. I wont be able to switch to any other page, nor can I edit the flp after that or do anything else. These errors do not happen with the default avionics. One important notice is, that I am using the Navigraph database, which I dont want to delete. Anyone else using the navigraph navdata and these mods? Are these mods even compatible with the navigraph navdata?

Don’t make the same mistake I made :hot_face:

When you add the API key line last , it should not terminate with a COMMA, but you need to add a COMMA to the end of the previous line, (as it is no longer the last line in the group)

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Forgot the comma, thanks!

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