GNS530 Skips Waypoints

I’ve had issues creating scenic routes in the C172 Steam gauge using the GNS530. It will sometimes skip over my waypoints. I haven’t figured out a way to get the GPS system to follow the path.

For instance, had an airport destination to the north but I wanted a detour to the south. After takeoff the GPS was already locked on the final leg.

I usually just fly it manually when that happens but I’m trying to learn how to use the system properly too. What if there was a mountain or restricted space in the way?

At any point in your flight you can select any waypoint in your flight plan and press the “direct to” button and that leg will become active immediately.

So if you want to take a detour, just add the new waypoint to your flight plan and then use the direct-to button to activate it.

Selecting the waypoint was my issue. I have to go back and try again, but I had VR zoom bound to the right mouse button. I think it blocked selecting the waypoint.

I did try on the ground, when I gave it focus and hit the direct button it went to the blank entry screen. It’s also a custom point, so perhaps they don’t work the same?

Yes, I just tried it. Custom points don’t work but normal waypoints do work as described. If you come up with a method for custom points please post it as I’d be interested.

Good luck.

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Thanks for confirming! I can stick to waypoints more often then. There are so may they can get you close enough to places to explore.

When I design my flightplan in the Intro section before clicking ‘Fly’, the GPS530 doesn’t behave correctly.

The way round this is to only nominate the parking place at which you wish to start the flight, in the Intro section.

When you’ve got the airplane fired up and all working, program the GPS530 longhand with the rotary switches and ‘Enter’ button using FPL mode.

It works a treat now, progressing the flight round the VORs, Waypoints and Aerodromes on your sequence.


The ‘vanilla flavour’ VFR MAP in the C172 is good enough for GA VFR.
GA Leisure flyers learn quickly the altitude limits of the zones around their home field.

Fly inside the line scribed by VFR MAP past a Waypoint etc.
Otherwise the system might not register your passing.

I may need more practice at that. I just find using the mouse on any of these glass panels is so tedious, lol. One reason is my scroll wheel is never quite right. Either it goes too fast or too slow depending on the dial. It’s worse in VR.

Probably another topic but another confusing aspect to me is the landing approach the world map uses. It seems to set you up to the runway. But how does it know which runway will be cleared? How does the navigation system know since the destination is just the airport? It also shows a final turn that the AP won’t execute.

In GA, at 10 miles out, disable the AP and fly manually.
If you are not confident, have a co-pilot to be Radio operator.
If the field has ATC, they will instruct which runway to approach. They will advise ‘Pass on Left or Right’ if you are approaching downwind. KNOW the pattern.

At a field without ATC, you approach, get in pattern and land on the upwind runway.

This is where RESEARCH counts. Know the pattern for the destination field.

Three screen players will have the diagrams in the corner of the RH screen.
I have yet to sort this out in VR. :laughing:

I’m using Sky4Sim which has a pdf viewer. I can’t go back to flying flat!

I usually keep the co-pilot on radio for takeoff and landing since the acknowledgements come at distracting times. But the AI radio assistant is buggy. Somes it works and other times it doesn’t.