GO BACK Button assignation

Hello everyone.

I have a trusmaster joysrick T16000.

By default the “GO BACK” option in game menu is assigned to the BUTTON 2, witch i use for “breaks”.

I try to find out how to remove it from “GO BACK” option. When i search by name, it shows only the assignation i´ve done for the break .

Any idea?

I believe you are looking for backcourse hold.

Thanks for the support. I ´m looking to find how to delete the assignment i have with this BUTTON 2 that is set by defautlt to interactact on the GO BAK option that you can see at the bottom left of the screen :wink:

Yes, but if you try searching by name, and enter “backcourse” does it come up and show that same button bound?

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Nothing is assigned . I just find the option regarding the autipilot

Little up on this one…Maybe someone else knows how to solve this ?

Select default profile and save changes.

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I just want to remove the invisible assignation that i have on my joystick

I have the same problem and it causes problems with disconnecting the autopilot. Also, Button 8 goes back but it is not shown as the Go Back button. Something is not correctly working.