Godzilla for MSFS!




Imagine yourself flying in the storm with poor visibility and suddenly discover the lightning silhouette of the King of the Monsters. Stop imagining it. Now you can feel it.

G O D Z I L L A A A ! !

Not located in Tokyo because TOKIO IS NOT PHOTOGRAMMETRY MESHED in FS2020. :((

My 1st try of Fictional scenery. If ANYONE likes it, I Will do KING KONG up the Empire State. Or the Burj Khalifa?

Install: By copying \godzilla to your FS2020 Content “Community” folder. Location: 37.792394, -122.378850 Author: Sergio Perea muyprofesional@gmail.com

License: CC BY-NC 4.0 (due to the Moai model used; see below) Model attribution: https://sketchfab.com/Laserdesign Model: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/godzilla-2019-figurine-3d-scan-d2f8c8616297405d8a8026e5dbfbbe45

DOWNLOAD 1: https://www.nexusmods.com/microsoftflightsimulator/mods/143
DOWNLOAD 2: https://github.com/breakersinc/Godzilla_msfs/



Yeah, not really my thing, but awesome anyway.

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Wow!! :smiley:

Love Godzilla… just goes to show how you will be able to do almost anything in this sim over time.

LOL!!! Hilarious! Now I need to listen to that Blue Oyster Cult song…

I thought this was a Flight Sim forum…my error…
Actually very creative but belongs on a gamer site.
Then again, I apologize- it’s not any weirder or non-sim-like than a lot of the Auto Pilot and flight functions at present. :grin:

Madness! I love it.

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What are you talking about :grimacing:

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Now put Nessie in Scottish Highlands! (although, not a hand crafted area) :slight_smile:
Or King Kong on the Empire State building in New York City grabbing some planes. ha


I’m saying you are very talented and creative in your Godzilla creation screenshots. It just has nothing to do with Flight Simming and would be better appreciated on a gaming site. But a little humor never hurts.

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You do have the option of not downloading it or viewing the thread. Even Asobo put a smiley face next to their building that isn’t there in real life.

As you said, there are talented people on here and Asobo gave us the ability do such things.

MSFS does appeal to both simmers and gamers. Always has.


Flight simulator is srs bsns. You’re upsetting the super pro pilots who are liable to hit that thing on approach because it’s not on their charts.



Thanks, but I am not the OP :wink:

But I do believe that Godzilla adds to a realistic flight experience. As the OP has pointed out already Godzilla should be placed more in Tokyo or so… but attacking the Golden Gate should be fine for the time being.

King Kong should be next! +1

Of course now we need guns and missiles, too!


Only if King Ghidorah is nearby, as well.

Would love some dinos on Kaua’i for Jurassic Park/World.