Goflight products issues

I have goflight products. Of course none of it works. And i expected this since there is no new interface yet. how ever I have mapped yoke and throttles. my main problem is throttle are not well calibrated and engine throttle are off sync. not that big of a problem i can deal. but throttles are reversed. Ok so i have checked the reverse box and they adjust. as soon as you touch throttles they revert back to the backward even though the reverse boxes are checked… what the hell do i do to fix this.


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Google Polypot Software. They have a great GoFlight interface tool. Much better than GFConfig. They have published a FS2020 interface. Unfortunately its payware. 30 bucks or so I think.

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helpful… I have subscrription already… It does nothing for the reverse throttle issue.

all my goflight panels work in fs2020.
you have to fool goflight config software into thinking its fsx. you need fsx.exe file (or fsx installed.) and the GFDEVFsx icon from inside the goflight folder.
click the gfdevfsx icon. then start goflight.
select file and simulator info as fsx. if it asks for path point it to your fsx folder or fsx. exe file.
then on righthand window at the top select fsx tab(not p3d). program modules and save config.
start msfs2020. it works for me all ok