"GoFlight Products Now Compatible with FS 2020" - Really? - YES, kind of

I use FSUIPC7 to attach button functions to Go Flight (and other) modules (Exc. Saitek). I use Spad-neXt to program the button lights on the GF modules to reflect live state of flight controls, e.g. Alt-Hold, AP on/off, etc.
If you want to get GF modules to work with MSFS, I think you’ll need to spend a little bit of money to get the proper current versions. I did— and now (mostly) everything is working for me, peripherally speaking.

If the GF FSX Config file does not work, then I might end up it the utility by PollyPot.

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So, I decided to try the same. I installed FSX-SE, Ran the GFConfig utility, and set up my panels.

I run the GFDevFSX.exe, and see the - - - on the displays of my mcp.

Nothing happens when I load in any airplane.

How does FGConfig know to use FSX presets when FS2020 is running? The exe files for FSX-SE and FS2020 are different.

FSUIPC7 beta, GFDev64.dll
FSUIPC support forum:
https://forum.simflight.com/topic/90416-fsuipc7-goflight-modules-not-active-for-buttons-and-switches-assignment/ support forum

Thank you, but that only works for the buttons ans switches, not for the displays

I use the GoGlight Interface Tool from Pollypot. I got it free bcause I have purchased the P3D version before (which is quite fair). It is still at the beginning. I can use the GF-MCP but no displays yet and the radios can be tuned but also no displays yet. But I am happy that I still get use of my old hardware even with FS2020. The rest takes time…

I have the xplane version of pollypot and wasn’t offered a free upgrade. Can you please let me know how you got that? Thx

Hi, it was not free. Beside X-Plane I also have the P3D version and this allows me to download the FS2020 version.

Pollypot GIT seems to be the way to go. My MCP pro Lights up, my GF 166’s light up. My MCP seems to accept the Inputs, but refuses to light up the Displays and the LEDs in the Buttons. Still a few glitches here and there, but it’s a promising start, before trashing all those expensive Modules. At About 29 EUR it’s affordable too. GoFlightinc seems to not have survived the change of owner. Probably didn’t/don’t have the cash to get the company afloat again. Facebook page is still online as is their homepage, but signs of life nowhere to be seen. Second promising Software away from any physical Modules ist Airmanager running on a tablet, multiple tablets or a touchscreen, with the knobster as an input. May look into that at some point in time. Allready bought 3 cheap android Tablets when a local store had a sale.

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I am leaning towards your conclusion as well. GoFlight has not shown any activity since the shutdown besides the incorrect email that the old software is compatible with FS2020.

You can’t tell me that no one within GoFlight can work on a piece of software without being at the office. And as far as I know there are no counties mandating companies to be in full lockdown.

Still sad to have to conclude that GoFlight might be throwing the towel.


Where can I find the GFDevFSX.exe? I downloaded the GFConfig but do not see the GFSeveFSX, and can’t find a download link.


Hello, so if you have installed “GFConfig” the file you are looking for it is in…
Look in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ GoFlight, or in the folder where you installed GFConfig… :smirk:

My GF-MCP Pro has been the most unreliable product I have ever bought up to now! There is absolutely no support! the only thing I seem to be understanding is that the developers have closed there shop due to the covid-19 This leaves me stranded with this product that doesn’t work. For the life of me I can’t see someone catching this covid -19 from .zip file that would correct this problem! I have gone around in circles to try to get support to try to get it running with no luck! I really need help to get this thing to work! I really think Go flight has a responsibility to there customers that purchased there product As I said before give me support or you will loose me in the future! If you have any info that can help get this up and running for me please email me at ken.kunz@kkcustomleather.com I really loved this product when it worked!

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GoFlight has been inop for many years already. Since then they ceased all support. Has absolutely nothing to do with “the virus”.

I can still use my GoFlight products on FSX and P3d. The plug-in I had for X-Plane no longer works and it’s probably too early to worry about MSFS. Oh well, once VR hits, all the GoFlight gear disappears anyway.

You are not alone my friend.

I still use some of the goflight modules with the keymapping software. And about VR, I really like the Realsimgear G1000 to use in VR, almost everything can be operated “blind”. Maybe also a few knobs and switches of goflight modules could do this job one day VR is officialy in MSFS ;).

About a year ago Goflight went under a management change. It was about the same time I purchased some equipment from them. I was told at that time that there would be a “period of adjustment”. I assume they are still “adjusting” (what ever that means). FWIW

Good quality gear with NO SUPPORT! Too bad.

It basically means they closed shop and in order to still be able to sell their inventory, they pretend as if they would one day continue.


To all of our trusted and true GoFlight Customers and Distributors:

We first want to thank you for your patience during these difficult last 4 months. The Corona Virus has been especially hard hitting in our region of the world, as you may know. Our ability to continue operating as usual has been shut down by our Governor and State representatives in order to protect our citizens, staff and families.

We have decided to open up our operations on the 8th of July! We wanted to open sooner but our supply chains were unable to provide our goods and services throughout this time and that has left us hanging for a few extra weeks.

We assure you that we will begin shipping and production on a grand scale by the 8th of July. For those of you with pending orders, we thank you for your great patience and understanding!

Please stay engaged and know that you are very important to us.

Thank you so much for all the years of your support and kindness.

Sincerely. Your GoFlight Team.