I have a number of these modules. If we’re being honest they were a far-cry from what I hoped they would be with X-Plane 11. They took a large amount of configuring and never really worked as well as I would have hoped…especially for the money.

For instance, the throttle quadrant alone is $470 and the module with the gear, trim and flaps is another $240. So for $710 I can have a peripheral that doesn’t work all that well, and requires 3rd party software to even work. Or, I can buy the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant which comes with a fully configurable throttle quadrant, trim wheel, flaps, gears and a decent set of auto-pilot switches/buttons. And that’ll run me $250.

Anyone building a home cockpit who’d like to buy all my GoFlight modules?

don’t sell. fix the problem
for msfs you use the normal goflight config software… just need the GFDevFSX file found in the goflight folder and the fsx.exe file from an fsx installation. click on the gfdevfsx first.
then start goflight config. select siminfo and set to fsx. (it might ask for the path) point it to the fsx. exe file.
then in righthand window click the fsx tab at the top(not p3d tab) program as normal and save your config, then start msfs2020.
also youtube ‘blank saitek display’ set all your goflight modules to disable win power management. i run gf166, gf45, tq6, T8, p8, mcppro, wcp lgt all ok.
ref xplane. you need the goflight plugin from the org store (free)

I have only P3D on my computer.
And so, this dosn’t work.

with p3d you need the GFDevP3d file.
look in the goflight folder (usually found c:programfiles x86/goflight.)
i made a shortcut to it on my desktop.
click on that first. then enter goflight config.
select file sim info and p3d from the drop down menu.
in right hand window select p3d tab at the top.
program and save your config. minimise the goflight screen and start p3d.
also make sure you’ve done the power management setup for all your modules.
make sure goflight. exe and p3d. exe files have admin rights. ie right click the goflight. exe
click properties. click run as administrator box.
as I mentioned before, all my panels work in p3d msfs and xplane. hope this helps.
note: the gfdev file will require a pc restart if you switch from msfs2020 to p3d. etc. you cannot just close ms2020 and just start p3d