Going backwards?


I hope this is the right place as this is just curiosity for other folks opinions. I started out when the sim first released when it was EXTREMELY buggy to now. Around SU6 I lost my pc and was on Xbox alone for a while. I’m back on PC and I’m genuinely confused. My older pc with a mere 5th gen core i5 and a 1080 with 32GB of ram @2400mhz got better performance than my current 10th gen core i7 paired with an RTX 3050 and 64GB of ram @3200MHZ. I didn’t upgrade the settings I left them exactly where I had them with a mixture of medium to high Settings. Also my clock speed on my new setup is 4.0GHZ.

It seems to me like Asobo have added features and such without taking stability and performance into account. Of course this isn’t for all users as some are still perfectly fine but there’s a massive group of folks im sure will agree when I ask why does it seem like they’re going backwards again and do you think they should stop adding stuff and souly focus on stability and performance for at least a couple sim updates? Especially on the Xbox end they’re getting it REALLY bad over there right now.


Par for the course & it’s getting pretty old tbh… another update & lots of stuff breaks. Then again stuff that’s been busted for ages doesn’t get fixed (finish a flight, start a new one & you can’t hear ATC). Tonight was a new low, yes to exit FS & had to end task it. Take me back to the good ol days where I didn’t have to confirm I want to exit.

I agree, they should stop adding features… aimed at the freaking Xbox. I’ve been PC simming since FS5 and my love/hate with 2020 is leaning much more to the latter as they try to please gamers, not simmers.


SU9 trashed the performance of many PC users. Asobo is aware of it and is hopefully working on a fix.
The best performance and visuals for me was SU6 after the Hotfix.

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Yeah so when I came back aroudn SU8 and su9 hit I was confused I built a exact copy of my old pc using some old PC parts from my uncle and it could barely run the sim.

That’s the thing in itself even Xbox people are saying they don’t want anything added they just want a working sim. Having played on Xbox for a while after my old PC broke down I see both sides and having still kept up with it as I’d like to support them in the near future Asobo has nothing to show currently for the extra year of time they spent so called “optimizing” it.

Here is the corresponding thread in case you didn’t see it yet.

Every SU I am worried about performance degredation as it is happening for the 3rd time now. This shouldn’t be the case and I think Asobo really has to work on quality control.

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Thanks but I was using my experience as an example more than a complaint or frustration. This is more so of a topic to see how everybody is feeling in regards to this.

I think the Xbox/Xbox user base bashing is getting pretty stale too.

I and many others are Xbox users, who have simmed since FS5 and earlier. So… here’s the rationale is it… as I’ve got older and balance budgets with family I’ve suddenly earned the (for some reason disparaging) moniker “gamer”?! But I wasn’t when I was on a 486 running older more basic versions…?

Simply lazy stereotyping.

Might I add that I’m sure I’m not alone in that a couple of years ago being very happily surprised that someone wanted to breathe life into a very old flight sim a là FSX. No one had to do that, and I suggest it was a fairly brave pitch. But it happened. And now we are seeing some impressive but at times flawed results of a work in progress.

I think it’s easy to dismiss the argument that it’s precisely because of a significant number of increased and future sales from the large Xbox userbase that has allowed such investment in my favourite Sim and therefore directly benefitted the PC userbase with a rejuvenated Flight Sim. And also be mindful as you enjoy sampling the ever impressive freeware community’s products, Xbox users are further investing into MS/Asobo given currently all our aircraft and scenery items are purchase only. This cash may well find its way into funding everyone’s improvements.

Now, to remove that chip on my shoulder…


I still got great performance.
My Rig

Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 22H2
Installed on 4/‎26/‎2022
OS build 226.16.100
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.588.0

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super with 32g memory
G Sync Monitor: Dell 27 Gaming Monitor - S2721DGF

Internet Speed
230.9 Mbps download
32.5 Mbps upload

I think this is the problem. Make your GPU work harder. Turn Render Scale up as high as it will go and it may actually run smoother.

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When someone says “even” Xbox it makes me shudder. Xbox is a full member as for as I am concerned.


I said even Xbox because a lot of pc people don’t think Xbox has any issues.

Um what are you talking about? This was in no way speaking down to people on Xbox or anything? Not was it blaming Xbox for anything.

Sorry, no that wasn’t your point, which was valid, but soon afterwards the anti Xbox sentiment dropped in.

Agree neither that or my comment assists your topic, but I think my response to the subsequent comment was valid all the same :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ahhh okay just next time try to reply directly to that person so there’s no confusion.

Yes - totally agree with you, I think a lot of issues we see indicate that the software needs work on making it stable - at the moment the updates are breaking more than they add in features and fixes, the consequences of this being unexpected behaviour of the sim for many users - this time around SU9 then WU9 have caused problems and frustration for Xbox users

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At first I thought I was going crazy til I saw people with extreme PCs like corr i9 3090 having issues when in reality they should have the smoothest experience. The 3090 is pretty much ahead of it’s time. Nothing should be having issues with it.

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Update I tried this and still nothing. I pushed it to the max recommended which was a mix of high and ultra settings even switched to my 4k monitor I was waiting to use for when I upgraded my CPU to raptor lake and my gpu to The 4000 series from nvidia still nothing at the max it refuses to use anything over 60% gpu usage.

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