Going from Xbox to PC tomorrow!


Yes! Finally going to PC tomorrow, my pc will be here tomorrow!!
What all should I do to prepare for the swap??
Your help will be an appreciated!!
Thanks in advance!


Move is pretty seamless. The thing is the PC gives you more freedom but with freedom comes responsibility. Make when you start installing 3rd party items using a different organized folder. I have folders for aircraft, airports, liveries, etc… I further break them down by area, libraries, developer, plane model, etc… Then make shortcuts for them using add-on linker. That same folder structure will show in add-on linker.

This will make your life much easier in the long run.

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Nice move, i did this myself this year.

Use the excellent Addons Linker app, and a good folder structure, this is a fantastic way to organise DLC and launch the program plus any additional apps needed like Airmanager if you go that way.

Be prepared to spend an awful long time fiddling with the settings to get the best performance balance out of your hardware, 3 months in and i’m still tweaking it up, its nothing like an x-box.

Have fun


Ok thank you, I will make sure that I do that.
Been a while that I’ve used a PC
Looking forward to the change.

That’s what I was reading about on getting the settings just right. It’ll be a fun challenge I guess. I hope it’s not too bad to have them like I want. Thank you.

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If you plan to use addons, custom sceneries etc.:

Use something like MSFS Addons Linker to manage all the addons and be ready that you’ll install these from all different places (marketplace, flightsim.to, orbx, simmarket etc.)

Personally I prefer Google Sheets to track all the addons, I took this as a base MSFS_ADDONS_MODS_MASTER_LIST_LICENSE_INFO_REMOVED_V2022_01 - Google Sheets

Also worth noting that when new update for MSFS is out it’s recommended to move your community packages to another folder before relaunching the title and then put it back after just to avoid possible stability issues. I think this is noted in official release notes.


Oh, be careful of the Windows 22H2 update. I still can’t use it on my system without a massive performance hit.

Also plan an area or two that you can continuously benchmark your system as you install add-ons. Use the same plane with a GPS that can operate off a flight plan. You can easily start losing FPS with certain add-ons.