Golden Age Simulations : Stearman Model 75

The R985 in particular was a very reliable engine, though anecdotally subject to cylinder head separation if shock cooled too often.

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I can see the Stearman got updated on the marketplace, what was updated ?

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The update placed required loc files providing translation of the product descriptions into the 18 languages required by Microsoft into the package documentation. There was no change in functionality and no added content to the models themselves.


You sholud consider option to disable front cockpit mouse instrument clickability (similar to Tiger Month). Front instruments are dangerously catchy and sabotage rear cockpit manipulation.
Stearman is my favourite plane right now… Although he does not meet my minimum requirements of engine fidelity (dynamic stress) I fly him most time…


Thanks for the info, so far im really enjoying the stearman :grin:

If possible could this livery be added N9912H the Old Crow

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For the Super Stearman …

@Maxuss1579 :
Not only the mouse zone clicks of the front pilot were taken into consideration but also all the mouse zone relative to the external safety elements that were clicklable from the pilot’s cockpit.

This is done via a parameter present in each view of the Camera.cfg file (The variable is VarToggle =" …") that must be filled in with a variable L: which is assigned to the value 1 when passing in this view.
For example:
VarToggle=“XMLVAR_tiedowns XMLVAR_wheelpants …”

This means that each mouse zone must be subject to a variable and that it must be declared in each view concerned and then the visibility of each mouse zone (XML Interior file) must take into consideration this L var. … It’s not as simple as writing it.

And to be very precise, the SDK apparently is still buggy on the management of this parameter because even well informed, I still have an element that shows in the pilot cockpit.

@ThijsF70 :
With regard to liveries, very often aircraft still in operation cannot be officially delivered because the owners of these aircraft request financial contributions to operate their aircraft in a simulator. So apart from making them as freeware and making them available, we … can’t do it officially.

For fans of this aircraft, who follows this post:


Thanks for the reply :grin: also wondering in a future update to the stearman will various switch sounds be added ? ie battery switch, fuel valve etc ?

The Super Stearman will have a full bespoke Wwise sound solution developed for us by SimAcoustics


Developing Liveries of existing aircraft without owner permission for a payware project places us at some liability that we choose not to accept. I’m sure some talented aircraft repainter will eventually do that livery, as long as no compensation involved.


Do plan to deepen engine fidelity in all stearman versions?

LaGaffe has taken that all into consideration. As it stands now in testing interference between the rear and front cockpit click zones is not a problem.


No there is no plan to upgrade the base Stearman model sound package at this time.

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I meant engine stress management (sound is ok in 13 and 17 btw)

No plans to modify the sound files in anyway, at this time. We are constrained from making any changes to the existing sound package by our licensing agreement the developer for that project.

Does this mean the Super Stearman will be a separate purchase?

Yes. That is correct


Fair enough! I guess I assumed it was going to be part of the existing addon.



This would be awesome to be included with the stearman package so xbox users (myself included) can also fly the old crow :grin:

As noted, it won’t be due to financial constraints. Hopefully Microsoft follows through someday on the freeware marketplace that is said to still be in development in the development blog, despite the fact that Jorg said they essentially abandoned the project due to the amount of work involved on their side. Sorry.

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