Gonna Miss That Ole 76T Stutter

Just checked and all seems right with the world on that little grass strip of doom.


Performance in Papua New Guinea - which used to be atrocious and full of lag spikes is now butter smooth!
I think this is the answer to what people were complaining about


Probably the one time in life that 76T has ever been visited by so many… lol


yep, its 15 min of fame lasted just a tad longer but it looks like the curtain call has arrived :wink:

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I wonder if that grass can handle a 747…

Landing the stock 747 at Meigs was a rite of passage in FS9, and later on, you also had to try it with Hiroshi’s models.


Does Hiroshi still develop aircraft for MFS? I loved his work before I found xp11 and zibo

I believe he still is as part of the TDS freeware group, which is a 2nd or 3rd offshoot of the POSKY group way back in the days. He sticks primarily to FSX/FS9 and I don’t think he has an interest in developing for MSFS or P3D. I know he was quite perturbed that a lot of his models were being converted from FSX to MSFS without his permission, thus his latest model, a 737Max9 was only developed for FS9 so no one could convert it to MSFS.

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I haven’t been in touch with Hiroshi since I left the original POSKY forum, but from what I can see on FB, he’s still active. No one could push the old FS9 65K polygon limit like he could. I remember one model he posted had (I think) just over 64,500 poly’s. One of my FB friends that I originally met on the POSKY board is an admin on his TDS 787 group. I seem to remember that he didn’t have any interest in modeling a VC, so he stuck with the older platforms.

I’m still getting stutters in PNG?
Don’t know what is going on, but the fps varies and stutters at some points during an hour flight.

Better report it via Zendesk and/or open a Bugs&Issues thread.
Pulling this dead thread back to the surface which is vaguely related to your issue won’t gain attention for it.

Oh I will, but I was more curious if other players were experiencing the same stutters as me in PNG.

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