Good Autopilot tutorial TBM 930

(video by Clumsy)


I have 120+ hours on the TBM, my favorite bird to fly, and even though AP can get you from point A to B, it’s still in a raw buggy state, as documented by many. VNAV kinda works in the a320 but it’s totally butchered in the TBM and others. The GTC is missing key menus and functionality, and good luck doing any plan changes inflight, it’s finicky and very frustrating. I can actually make MSFS freeze almost consistently while editing the flight plan in the GTC and wil report it when I gather more information.

I hope Asobo will do something about it rather than leaving to 3rd party devs to fix their stuff.

Yeah. Let’s hope the second patch this month would adress these bugs. I have hope!

Amen to that, my friend! I have hope too, the future is bright for virtual aviation.

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We are just at the beginning.

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