Good enough for training

Hey everyone! I hope you are having fun with the sim! I just thought that I would jump in and give my 2 cents on the whole sim vs. game thing. I just started my CPL training. I’ve only flown 3 hours yet but today I tried to recreate yesterday’s real flight in the sim and it really delivered! All the visual waypoints were there. But what really did it for me was the way in which the aircraft responded compared to the real thing. Yes, I’m not hugely experienced yet on the matter and my controls need an urgent upgrade (waiting for the Honeycomb Alfa/Bravo combo to arrive). But for now it’s really becoming apparent just how much of a good training tool this software can be! My only complaint (or wish really) is that there was a PA-28 in the aircraft list for it is the one on which I’m learning. Sure, if you want to use this thing as a game purely for entertainment go ahead! It’s wonderful that people are able to enjoy flying on a more relaxed and fun way. But if you are thinking about formal training, my take is that it really can enhance the experience!

Happy flying everyone!

(Disclaimer: I’m only talking GA here. I know the airliners have some problems for now. But I’m also sure they will be fixed sooner rather than later)


Thanks for sharing, good luck with your CPL.

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Good luck for your CPL. What I can say is that I have a PPL, and I do use FS2020 now for my flight preparation, specially while flying in mountains to see the min levels I needs and check out areas of small airfields.


Same here, doing ppl at the moment and This sim is a huge help for me navigation wise. Looking at de financial part after only 2 weeks in it helped me more than 1 or 2 real life lessons so no doubt this sim was worth its investment!


It’s been a blast re flying my logbook from my PPL days in Oceanside in 1986, right down to the drive in at the end of RW 24. Good luck with your CPL. I’m sure there will be many here who get the taste from MSFS 2020 who will go on to follow in your footsteps. My own adventure started in 1984 on a Mac SE and MSFS.


Good Luck, I too was really excited about the prospect of flying similar routes I had when I was flying.

Now if we could just get some gliders I could really re-create my hay day :wink:

Found the graphics in MS FS (can’t comment on the physics in this plane as I’ve never flown a Pitts Special myself. Did have a ride in a by-plane when I was 12 or so, but few memories other than it felt like we were not moving, I digress), found the graphics matching my charts and maps to a tee.

This was my outcome.

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