Good Job Asobo!

I have to say well done to Asobo - this update was so much less painful than the last. Once I’d realised that setting render scaling in VR stopped the errant street lighting, I enjoyed a number of flights with no issues whatsoever (other than minor ATC issues telling me to ascend when on final approach!).

Frame rates in VR seem stable and the whole experience is as smooth as prior to updating.

I echo what many people have said - this is still an incredible sim and although Asobo do throw us lots of curve ■■■■■ (and having used both X Plane and Prepare3d) I still rate this visually as an astonishing sim!


Cannot disagree with you there.

But hang on…it’s a flight sim isn’t it? Flight-wise, it’s a big “no”. A pretty flying brick is still a pretty flying brick.


I agree. Visuals are close to perfect now except for the night lighting bug.
Now lets focus on flying related things like physics and weather.

And maybe fix some bugs that don’t reach the top votes, and stop using a voting system to fix bugs that’s just silly. ALL bugs should be fixed.


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