Good Multi Engine To Learn On

is it that powerful on take-off and climb IRL?
it accelerate like a rocket ingame

Yeah, the Baron wasn’t really well designed by Asobo, that’s for sure. With the exception of the C172, all the premium / deluxe edition planes feel like they were hastily thrown together with minimal effort and testing at the last minute so they could offer expensive DLC right out of the gate.

They’ve fixed some of the issues with it (mostly the auto-mixture it originally had), but it needs a lot of work. I can’t speak for handling compared to real world as I’m not a pilot. I’ll take your word for that.

That said though, I still quite enjoy flying it and do so fairly regularly. Although once I get around to designing the missing Air Manager instruments I need for a fully functional DA62 cockpit, I may make a return to that plane. It’s been a long time since I’ve last flown it.

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Now I just need some nice Air Manager pannels for the 172 and 182, but I might “know a guy” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll share my backdrops for both those planes with you. You just have to drag on your own instruments and you’ll be golden!


Agree with DA-62 as an easy double engine prop to start with.

Let’s put a link to the mod,

Another reason I like DA-62 is the available DA-62 SDK aircraft version. That is a 900M project that can be downloaded inside MSFS, separately. If you switch on Developer mode and load the project, you can “live” tweak all aircraft settings, add liveries, or even change the cockpit. :slight_smile:

Single engine complex. Hands down the Just flight Arrow or Turbo Arrow (or all of them). There is the Warrior II but it has fixed landing gear.

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As a RL A320 pilot, I sometimes enjoy getting back to basics with the default Baron simply because I think it’s truly worthwhile to be able to do some engine out IFR (in IMC) revision. It doesn’t really help me with what I do when I go to work, but it is what helped me get where I am and in some ways requires more skill, that’s why it’s important to me at least.

I am fortunate enough to have two Saitek thrust lever quadrants so I can replicate the pedestal of a Baron. In addition I have rudder pedals and a decent stick with some mappable trim.

My two biggest bug bears are the inability to feather the propellers and the glass cockpit. I am old school, I love my super six steam gauges. I’m certainly looking forward to the Carenado PA-31 Navajo coming over to MSFS. I used to fly Navajo’s and Chieftain’s and figured if I never flew anything bigger I would live and die a happy man. It all worked out very well for me in the end.

It should be said, I only use VR these days, I need the SA, especially when in the circuit.


Carenado Seminole is the best ME aircraft to learn on.


If steam gauges are your thing, the Seminole is a great choice. It’s a bit different to get used to (Piper planes tend to be), but it’s great fun to fly. I quite enjoy my time in it.

If I feel like glass cockpit ME, the Baron is typically my choice. If I want gauges, the Seminole is my go-to. The Seminole will stay in this position until someone does a steam gauge Baron.

Carenado have a Baron for XP, so they might bring that across at some point.

Try the FlyingIron P-38 Lightning!

Very good flight model and system depth, and 3.200 sweet HP at your disposal…

In the beginning, this plane is a handful to fly and manage, but once you get the hang of it, she‘s pure joy!


Am I ask what FADEC is please?

This is probably a better explanation than I could give…

In short. You only have your throttle lever. Mixture and prop RPM are automatically set by the computer.

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“Full Authority Digital Engine Control”

Basically elecontrically (computer) manages the ignition and egnine control systems in the plane. So you don’t have Prop / Mixture controls they are done auto-magically.

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Do you know if the props feather?

To the best of my knowledge, that isn’t a thing at all in the sim atm.

So you’re saying that no twin engine props can be feathered?

To the best of my understanding, the ability to feather a prop isn’t modelled in the sim atm. If someone knows different, then by all means please correct me.

Understood. Thanks, I’ve listed it as a bug on the Baron but of course I haven’t spent much time flying many other twin props. Thanks.