Good News - Sim Now Holds Custom Registration Number

Seems to hold it now between sessions. Actually to test this completely restarted PC, went back in and it was still there…or is this a fluke?


Same here. Remembered Reg Nr. :slight_smile:

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A little drawback is that the number is common for all aircraft, but anyway it’s a good feature and sufficient for most users, I guess.


But the “N” number I always use is custom…and it’s remembering it from session to session.

Yes and it works with Onair too

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Does Onair change the reg number in the sim now?

Yes seems to be fixed! Would be great if MS/Asobo publish a changelog in this forum so we know what they fixed or changed. That way we could test things out right away :+1:

Yes he does

Hurra :slight_smile:

That’s good news. I think I may have noticed this last night but not realised. I was using ATC, with an Asobo default aircraft, and I didn’t get the usual ASXGS tail number. I think it picked it up from an aircraft where it was hardcoded, like the C182T.