Good sensivity setting

I have problem with too high sensivity problem with all planes.
My flight model setting is set to modern (too hard in stering), should i change it to legacy ?
What value in % is good for you ? - little research

Sorry for my bad english.

Are you using a joystick or controller?

It all comes down to personal preference, but I have stuck with the default values as it suits my needs.

i’m using joystick

Just comes down to personal preference, you could try the above or lower but sometimes all it takes is a bit of getting used to.

Don’t be afraid to go drastic on the sensitivity if your controller(s) are too touchy. For instance, I fly with the Saitek-Cessna yoke, throttle quadrants, trim wheel and rudder pedals, and I had to turn the primary yoke axes’ sensitivities to -70% with a dead zone of 5 or so to get them not to send me climbing or dropping like crazy at the lightest of back or forward pressure. Rudder pedals were a bit less, -50% I think. I’m still dialing them in, but they’re close to matching my real life feel in a C172 now. But of course, it’s very equipment dependent. What works for me may be horrendous for you.

Just remember that changing the sensitivity sets up a curved response; a little bit of change in pressure near the center position does very little, but the same change in pressure near the ends of travel translates to much more movement. That’s not an issue for control axes like elevators, ailerons and rudders, but you definitely don’t want that sort of response in engine axes like throttle and mixture. Keep those sensitivities at 0 for a linear response.

thanks for all replies