Google Earth Decoder Tool & Optimisation Tools & UNKOWN Error

Hey guys! Has anybody worked with the Google Earth Decoder Tool and the Decoder Optimisation Tools by “Thalixte” you can find on reddit and
I just started working with them and have a lot of fun creating scenerys with the 3D data by Google. But I often have problems with that annoying “unknown” error thing going on in the SDK. I really read all the comments on reddit and and sometimes I get things working. My most used way fixing the unknown error was by deleting gltfs in my project file. But that does not work always. My newest problem is: I create a scenery with the Decoder Tool and optimise it with the Thalixte tool. I opened it up and it worked. But when I open it a second time I get the unknown thing again…
Has anybody the same problem and could help me in the best case?
Thanks guys!!

Hi, I have the exact same problem, scenery tiles are imported as unknown. I’ve tried all imaginable ways to solve, but to no avail. Maybe the latest FS iterations include internal changes that remove the Decoder’s compatibility…

And then, the Google Earth Decoder author seems to have vanished for months - probably kidnapped or silenced by the Google owners :slight_smile:

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Hi there guys. Why not just use Earth2MSFS tool to create the sceneries you want. You dont have to create any folder it already creates the modelLib and texture folders for you. You just have to create the project folder the way you would like to. And you can even edit the scenery using blender and then export to MSFS. You just have to move the texture files where your 3d files are to open them in Blender… maybe He vanished because of this program since you can edit the the colors before you even download them :wink: Sometimes you may get unknown error if you dont rename the project from simplescenery to something you like :wink:

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He vanished because of this program since you can edit the the colors before you even download them

Haha, very likely so :slight_smile:

Would you mind pointing me to where I can download Earth2MSFS or find info about it? Almost every Google search I do to find it brings up some Russian phishing site…

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Thank you very much :+1:


I have emailed you the tutorial and download links thinking that you’ve sent me a direct email whwn I saw in my inbox :wink:

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I came across a YouTube tutorial about this program by a channel called; Flying Theston.
The guy explains how to “easily” place Google data in to your Flight Simulator 2020.
In the mean time, it only sort of works. I think that the SDK and that “Release” program where you get the imagery data from is in fact a load of rubbish. It only works once, such as placing scenery into the simulator and then it suddenly fails with plenty of “unknown” data. So all in all, it is a total load of rubbish. That’s the only thing I can say about it. It’s a bit disappointing to say the least as it doesn’t work properly, or if not at all, it’s waste of space and utter time.

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Apparently, this is part of the problem. You are still going to get the “unknown” error. I think that the SDK system for developers is a waste of time as well as the Google Maps decoder. Why these two software exists is beyond me, as they are both totally useless.

I mean you are correct that SDK is kind of buggy most of the times but earth2msfs works perfectly for me. Just put the texture files in to the same folder as gltf files and load the lods in to Blender perfectly then edit . Finally export it with the help of blender2msfs add on . Build your package , Vaila :wink:

Could I also get the tutorial?

Hm, how did you manage to load the lods files into blender? I use earthdecoder long time, but I never managed to get the files into blender to crop them. Would be amazing if you could give me a hint of your workflow. Thank you.