Got Friends Releases Discus-2c


Discus-2c (Original) Variant
Discus-2c (FES) Motor Variant
Custom LX-Navigation and GPS-Navigation Display
Built-In Winch Launch and Launch Vehicle System
Built-In Towplane Connectivity to Multiplayer or AI Aircraft
4 Included Thermal Activated Weather Presets
4 Base + 6 Premium Liveries
Custom FES Motor Control Unit with Realistic Thermal Dynamics
Realistic Flight Model and Polar Curve
Custom V8 Variometer with Customization, Sounds, Netto\/Total Modes, and 
MacCready Adjustment
8k/4k Texture Sets with High Quality 3D Modeling
Cockpit Customization “On-The-Fly” including Canopy Tints
Ballast Dump Management System
Ballast Dump Effects, Vortices Effects, and Landing Effects
In-Game Checklists and Tooltips
Interactive Oxygen Tank System
Custom High Quality Sounds
Included Wing Wheels and Optional Navigation Lights
Yawstring with Custom Animations
Included Got Friends Glider Club Airfield
Full Kinetic Assistant Compatibility
Full XCSoar Compatibility

I’m a bit sceptical about the use of a glider right now. We still didn’t have thermals modeled in the sim and the pack comes with weather presets only.

Get Kinetic Assistant
Kinetic Assistant - Touching Cloud [OFFICIAL MOD PAGE]
and use the files in the “Flight_Thermals_GTFD” folder to get thermals

See this is what bugs me why do you pay for a premium product then have to use another product for part of it to work ?
i’ve had the same discussion with them regarding tow planes for this glider if you dont have AI aircraft around or multiplayer then you have to use kinetic assistant to get a tow , now i use the free version a lot and i dont mind for that and it works great but i expected wrongly it seems that on the pay version this might have been installed with it. On another note the weather presets DO have thermals and they work well and its quite fun but you can so all this on the free one if i’m going to pay for something i want it to at least offer more and not be tols to use someone elses program to get something to work

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The weather presets do contain thermals and is very good fun, check out the free version

The payware version includes a FES motor, so self-powered. The freeware version doesn’t have the motor but does have all the improvements.

You don’t need Kinetic Assistant to winch launch, it has it’s own built in winch launcher.

For a tow, you’ll just need another aircraft (obviously). Real player or AI works. I spent a happy few hours hanging around the runway threshold at Heathrow getting free tows from departing aircraft.

Live weather works for ridge lift and since SU9 for thermals too.

So in all, you don’t need any other software to use either the freeware or payware versions of this glider.


Hi ‘Got Friends’ team.
Thank you very much for the Discus-2c.
Although the free version is fantastic I’ll purchase the premium version to honor your efforts to make MSFS 2020 glider-ready.
Thank you very much also to all other enthusiasts for their gliders and their add-ons like Kinetic Assistant, sceneries and so on.
Enjoying easy-flying with a glider in the mountains around the world after a long working day, the other absolutly satisfying matter with this ‘wonderful peace of software’ is the community around the add-ons.
Thank you an go on.
Greetings from Germany.

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There are already thermals in live weather though. It’s probably not entirely developed yet, and improvements should come in the future, but I’ve already done several 2 hour + flights in the Discus in live weather. Here’s one of them;


Sorry, noob question.
It’s my understanding that Kinetic Assistant is not strictly needed for this glider.
But what would it add to the gliding experience?