Got your own GA cockpit? Stay clear of JustFly PA-28R Arrow III- At least for now

So, I bought the JustFly PA-28R Arrow III. It looks lovely and is generally nice to fly. But the thing is that I have a home built GA cockpit and this plane is not ready for a hardware cockpit at all. Lots of buttons (for example Master ALT and Battery) dont respond to SimConnect events. In this aspect the Carenaro planes are way more finished. Furthermore, being able to switch between Garmin 100/430/530 is really nice, but when using a pop-out window, like I do for my custom built GNS530, this pop-out window always shows the GNS430, no matter which GPS is selected on the tablet.

So, at this current state this plane is not for me and my custom built cockpit. I really hope they will finish this product at some time, since it looks really nice. For now I will have to stick to the Carenaro Mooney, or maybe try my luck on buying the Carenaro Arrow.


As for the pop-out window, it will pop out a 430-window if you right-alt-click in the middle, but the 530 if you click on the sides of the gns530 screen.

Really? Will try that.

Still, its disappointing how badly it interacts with the Simconnect events. Makes a custom made cockpit useless.

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Agreed. The Carenado M20R and PA44 both work perfectly with Logitech panels, not so with the JF Arrow.


Actually they do. Try these:



Works well with mine… Stream deck too.

Much better after the update. Still some strange things happening with the switch panel, pressing any button will restart the gns530 if you don’t turn on the logitech avionics master switch first. And there is no avionics master switch in the Piper Arrow III. The beacon switch works only half-way, you have to turn it on a second time to turn it off.

The Multi panel buttons only works when AP is active, so its not possible to use cue with fsxtimes’ G5 PFD FIP like I can in the Carenados. There is no G5 PFD modelled in the Carenados either, but the multi panel autopilot still works. I wish it did with the Just Flight Arrow, maybe next update.

Still not good enough for flying with a custom built cockpit, Id say. They fixed some things in the update. For example the pitot heat now works by setting SIMCONNECT:PITOT_HEAT_SET, thats nice. But there is no support for FSUIPC so alt static air can not be configured and the hand brake can only be toggled through simconnect. Same with the fuel pump, which can only be toggled. When using a physical switch in you custom cockpit you need to explicitly be able to switch it on and off. Carenaro planes still works alot better here.

So, lets hope for further updates. I would love to be able to fly it using my home made cockpit.

both the carenado and JF arrow works fine with all my logitech stuff

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Same here.

@LikelyMatt Someone with a “custom built cockpit” should ABSOLUTELY know how to work with LVAR’s. Your recommendation is misleading and everything on the piper is controllable if you know what you are doing. I had all my cockpit hardware properly mapped and working on release day.

Dive deeper my young apprentice, you’ve only begun to scratch the surface.


I recently adopted the LVAR method. I had all but a couple of switches working with SimConnect only, and all but one I think now use LVARs.

It is not my intention to be missleading, and it sounds like good news that it was possible to have all cockpit hardware work from day one. I couldnt achieve that.

Well, maybe you are right. Flight simulators are quite new to me, electronics and coding (mainly C++) are not. What Ive found so far is that knowledge in this field is quite hard to find, and there is a lot of funky attitude in this flight simulator community. Though, it sounds like LVAR is the way to go, so I will try to collect some knowlege about it. Any suggestions where to start?

Like you, until now I wasn’t aware of LVAR access. Type “LVAR” in the search bar. Looks to be a ton of stuff on it.

I’ve been waiting until the SDK documentation has matured before jumping in on making custom utilities for Flight Simulator, as It was a slog for P3D.

I mean you did literally make a proclamation that the Arrow is no-go for people with home sim setups in your thread title. Expect that most or even all of the higher fidelity add-ons for MSFS will require LVAR’s…already I have fully unique I/O profiles using 3rd party application to map out the JF Arrow, the CRJ, and the AT Sim Piaggio 149, all are heavy LVAR users, the stock variables are just not sufficient for some of these models to control them effectively. The only thing I map in MSFS for anything controller is camera views on the yoke, nothing else get’s mapped in the sim for any plane.

One cheat I have had to adopt is for COM2 with regards to channel spacing. The LVAR method for KHz does not support 8.33KHz, so I use the LVAR for MHz, and SimConnect for KHz. The aircraft doesn’t support it, so as I say this is a bit of cheat, but okay by me in the name of functionality.

COM1 in the 530 already supports both channel spacing options, so that is okay.


There’s nothing to fix. I’ve flown for about 5 hours since the patch dropped, and my controls still work.

Check your bindings.