GOTY update has broken development process

After the GOTY updatet, I find he SDK has some serious issues. Pressing the resynch button in the aircraft editor menu causes all kinds of UI aids to appear all over the screen although I have these all turned off in my settings. Also the view freezes so I can’t look around the VC. Fiddling with the views trying to fix the view scrolling soon results in a CTD.

I am a developer and I can’t work without being able to reload an aircraft after making changes.


I’m seeing GOTY SDK problems also when trying to add a Taxiway Parking I get the following error: “Parking not linked to the main graph”. Same problem with Taxiway Points.

Same here, we are seeing it with the new SDK version, previous SDK version was okay.
If someone knows how to deal with it or have a temp solution, please tell :slight_smile:

Totally agree. Reported on Dev Portal

For me, it is simply impossible to build and export a package since the new update. I have an error message saying that the manifest.json and layout.json are missing. Don’t know how to solve it… Was working fine before.

Having the same issue with airport parking. Re-did the whole parking again and still having the same issues: “parking not linked to main graph.” This is frustrating after 2 hours of re-work.

In the latest SDK parking spots must be connected to a taxiway which in turn must be connected to a runway. When both conditions are met the error will go away and you can continue.

Completely illogical change forced on us because of a coding error? Or because someone who hasn’t heard of a heliport or a remote Bush strip thought we needed.

To confirm we do NOT need this change. By all means flag the condition as a warning and let us continue developing but it is not an error.

If you open a pre-SU7 scenery package with unconnected parking spots. You will not be able to resave the project until you correct the error created by the coders. So further development of existing projects is stopped until the change is reversed.

They’ve also broken the taxiway width adjustment and the taxi ways aren’t visible until you reload



NEW hatched lines do not render in dev mode

Magvar does not work, so all custom ILS are off

Live blender export not working except for projected mesh, but possible to update the gtlf timestamp update models

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I’ve decided to give up SDK development, and instead I’ve taken to smashing myself in the head with a hammer at random moments, because it feels so much better.


Ditto! At least they should update us as to what is going on or if there is any ideas as to when there’ll be an SDK update or fix. Been sitting around doing nothing for over a week now.

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Same here, development on hold for now and spoke with few other major developers and all are waiting for some kind of fix to get back to work, very frustrating!

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