GPS and autopilot Nav mode not working

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Brief description of the issue:Hi everyone, after my last update 2 days ago the G1000 NXi is not working correctly, if I choose my flight plan from the menu page and after go for flying I can see all the way points but the GPS simply doesn’t work and all CDI options are set to 360°.
If I choose my flight plan directly from the G1000 it doesn’t allow me to choose any airport of departure and still GPS won’t work.
So weird didn’t have any problems at all before the last update

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I had the same problem. I had to go into My Profile then the Content Manager. There I found there was an Update to G100 NXi. I updated and all is fine now. All the G1000 functions work OK.

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Champion, that fixed nearly all my issues except setting the airport of departure from the g1000.
Really appreciated

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