GPS direct route unwanted feature

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GPS direct is not “direct” anymore. AFAIK it should be “a straight line” (or curved on longer distances ;))
if i want to create flightplan with departre/approach waypoints, I’ll do it myself.
Thanks no thanks.
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Create flight plan from A to B and select “GPS direct”
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I have also had this problem (but not all the time) since the SU5 update, but as soon as you start the flight the GPS shows a direct line between the departure and arrival airports.

Sadly, it doesn’t get fixed for me after i start the flight.

I have the same problem. It is quite annoying. Also, ATC doesn´t work, I don´t have the settings anymore when I hover the mouse button over a control (i.e, throttle percentage, heading, alt pressure), and the trim control is coarse now and messed up.


yup all the same things, the ui and mouse is screwed up