GPS landing in Sedona Rwy 3

I am still a rookie and hope this is the right place for my question:

I am trying to land a Cessna with G1000 NXI in Sedona, RWY 3 with the standard GPS approach from the worldmap via JUWSO and EXUTY. All goes well to LYRIT (faf) , where i cross at 6600ft after manual decent.
I can see the purple diamond, but whatever I try, I cannot catch the GP (glidepath)
Do i need to hit APR or VNV, and maybe AP again ? If I do nothing it just continues straight at 6600ft.
The Approach plate says GPS (not RNAV/VNAV etc)
Is there maybe no vertical guidance at all at Sedona?
Any tip is appreciated, thank you

Hi @FoggyRain490488 FoggyRain
Welcome to the forums! Looks like you’re well into the NXi and it’s uses. I’m not a moderator, just another simmer, but you might want to take a look at the on-going (rather lengthy…) thread about the NXi. You’ll see the thread starts some time ago, so discussions about the latest version are much closer to the end, so I’ve included a link to that response.

You can also look for responses to questions from the NXi developers and very knowledgeable users of the NXi on their discord at: Working Title Simulations

You might search through the forum thread I mentioned to see if anyone else has already raised the issue you brought up before posting your question. (when you hit the search icon, you’ll be given the option to just look in that thread vs looking through the whole forum for responses.
There are/have been a lot of questions about how the NXi needs to be operated, so don’t feel like you’re the only one with questions!!
Welcome, again.

Looking at the approach plate on foreflight it doesn’t look like there is vertical guidance. This would be a step down descent that would be pilot-controlled. You’d cross the IF EXUTY at or above 8000, then step down to at or above 6600 by the FAF LYRIT. From there you’d step down to your MDA and land or go missed as appropriate.

Thank you, this is clear and makes sense !

Thank you for the links and the welcome !

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