GPS won't activate in the CRJ

GPS will not activate in the CRJ. Won’t track with AP and FD on.

This is a really short post to go on … but I am gonna try:
Did you switch on both gps units ? Abd have your align set to immediate in the EFB (or you waited long enough) ?

If yes, are you not too far of your flightpath when you enable AP NAV mode ?

Thanks for your input. All controls are properly set. Aircraft flies normal except for the GPS. It is totally not responding. I’m going do a reinstall and see if things clear up.

What if you start on the runway?

You have a properly loaded flight plan entered in the FMC? or did you just create a flight from the worldmap?

If you created a flight in the world map, those won’t show up in the FMC. Most CRJ users create their flight plans using Simbrief then import it into the FMC.

Just a heads up on this . If you enter departure airport , runway and SID / arrival airport , STAR and runway , in the FMC , the CRJ FMC will " join up the dots " so to speak .

( I’m assuming the OP has read the manuals and watched the various tutorial videos online ??? . An evening spent at this, goes a long way … ) .

Thanks to all of you for your input. Been there, done that on all your suggestions. I have re-installed MSFS2020 but for now I’m going to leave the CRJ in the hangar. The other AC that I fly work fine with some minor adjustments…Cheers