GPU bound and CPU usage low

I refurbished my old PC recently to run MSFS 2020. To my surprise, it runs quite well at 1080p. CPU is an i7-7700K overclocked to 4.8GHz and the GPU is a GTX 1070. Running the nVidia FPS overly, the GPU is fairly constantly hammered, but the CPU runs at around 40% on average during a flight.

Are there any settings that I can crank up to utilise the CPU even more?

The system is stable and I’ve had no crashes so far. It’s been tested out with a couple of long flights on autopilot and there were no issues.

40% is not far from the limit with your CPU. CPU limit is single core limit so even with low total usage you can be limited by the CPU.

You can try up the object and terrain LODs those are CPU heavy settings. But you don’t want to be CPU limited, always GPU limited because that gives smooth even frames.


Thanks. The sim is running quite smoothly at the moment. I’ll check out the settings you mentioned to see if I can away with increasing those settings.

Yes if you get close it will depend on scenery/location if you are CPU or GPU bound. I don’t think you want to be in that position. It will stutter very bad sometimes. It will feel very bad if you use head tracking or when the camera is panning during taxi.

Personally i limited my fps to 40 with VSYNC so i always get smooth frames.

Sounds a lot like my rig.GPU bound nearly all the time running an i7 10700k and 2060super, cpu stays mostly around 20%.
Trust me its better than being CPU bound.My older CPU would reach 100% and the sim would pause during takeoff and landing.

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