GPU for Samsung CRG9

Just upgraded my monitor from a 32 inch 1440. The ultrawide is pretty awesome, however my rtx 2080 wasn’t happy with graphics on high, so had to go to medium setting. Fps 30 to 40 now. My cpu is an i9 9900.

Thinking of upgrading the gpu to rtx 3080. I am not that handy with PCs, would it simply be a matter of removing the 2080 and plugging the 3080 in its place?

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Should be yes, as long as your PSU can handle the added power (and has the required cables, depending on the model you’re thinking of buying).

But seeing we’re just a couple of days way from AMD’s new Radeon graphics cards (6000 series), it might be smart to wait to see where it ends up on third-party benchmarks. It might be a better buy.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 is what I have.