GPU load > 90 % during flight

I read that having a GPU load of 90 % and more during the loading phase was an issue to be fixed in a next update. But what about such GPU load values during the flight ? My settings are those defined by the sim (high-end for an ALW (core i7 6700HQ, 32 GB RAM, GTX 1060) and FPS are between 15 and 35 depending on the plane and the scenery. On this laptop I have similar FPS when flying AFS2, P3Dv5 and XP11 and GPU load values are always lower than 50 % during a flight. Do you have an explanation ?
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your gpu load is high because your gpu is being loaded

idk what u expect



I don’t see what’s the problem here. It’s like you get a refrigerator and then complain your drinks get cold.


could you rephrase the question ? i think you may be pointing to some bottlenecking issue, but i really can’t know for sure.

Same GPU, same “problem” … GPU load always > 90% when in-flight


Guys on YT showing their top end units (2080 Ti) using 90 % plus while playing so for right now it looks normal.

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As I am not specialist I was surprised having such high values for GPU load. Are these values normal in the case of MSFS ? In fact that is the question.
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It’s normal for any game. Your gpu will work as hard as necessary, you want it to reach 100% actually, or it means it’s being held back by something else, or you reached the fps limiter.


It is clear the question was not so clear as expected. In fact what I would like to know is : am I alone with this GPU having such high values ? What are the expected values with an RTX of last generation (2080 or higher in a few weeks).
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It’s normal. Having less usage would be abnormal.


Thank you it’s the answer I was waiting for : what I have to do now is to get another PC even if the sim is quite amazing on my actual one. FPS may be greater than 35 in some cases but not for a long time because after about 10 mn temperatures are too high ( > 90 degC ).
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The reason you would see a low GPU load in things like XP11 for P3D is because those games are not optimized for newer GPUs and you end up being CPU limited, whereas the new MSFS is designed to use a lot more of the GPU than before, so its definitely normal to be seeing much higher GPU usage. It is in fact, a good thing to see that. :slight_smile:

Well, high temperatures have many factors. You should lower your settings to medium anyways, high is too much for the 1060. About temperatures : if your pc is a desktop, you need to make sure it has proper ventilation. There should be no “double dipping” on dust filters over fans, you should have more intake fans than exhaust, the case shouldn’t be a box of sealed glass.

An example of what you want is the Cooler Master H500 (Not the other ones, just Cooler Master H500. Or H500P Mesh if you want to splurge, but remember the mesh is important), or the Phanteks P500A…

RTX 2070 Super here and MS Flight Sim is always pegged around 98% gpu utilization on my rig.
Card gets a bit toasty, but still within spec.

I put the global rendering settings to medium and I noticed 1) in-flight GPU load was lower than 80 % which is not a surprise and 2) on the parking this GPU load was again greater than 90 % which is a surprise (?).
Another problem is that the options for developer mode are not visible even if this mode is ON.
Concerning temperatures the problem with external fans is the management of air flux. Thank you for the idea H500.
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RTX 2080 Super here and run >95% most of the time. Runs around 68C mostly, up to 84C one time…toasty!

However, I’m surprised at my low processor usage. It rarely breaks even 20% (according to the Windows 10 task manager).
AMD Ryzen 3950X
4T of SSD
ASUS board (not sure which, I’m not at home presently)

Who else is seeing low processor usage?

I do, I have a Ryzen 5 3600 and it never gets beyond 50-60%. I guess not all cores are being fully used and that explains your 20%, because it’s a 16 core CPU.

It’s a first for me. I’ve always lacked the CPU power in my decades with MSFS. Now I have 5X more power than what’s being used?!?!? I’ll take it. It’s better than having the opposite problem. Now I’m considering plopping another $G on a second 2080 Super and trying the NVLink connection.

20% usage CPU mean nothing in fact, you need to display all logical cores to see the problem. The main thread saturate one or 2 cores. It mean you can have one core full at 100%usage and all other cores waiting for it with a very low usage. Average you see 20% which represent nothing, that’s why single core speed is so important with gaming…

Thanks CodeLoran69, I’ll have to check that out. I guess I’ll need to use the AMD utility to see the load on the individual cores? Also, why can’t the sim take advantage of more cores? Or is it more efficient to max out a few cores than to spread the load?