GPU low occupancy issues on the sea

Today, while flying over the ocean (Aleutian Islands), I encountered a lag when I was still very smooth before takeoff. When I landed on the water with this seaplane, the smooth operation was back.
So I did a test and find——
When I’m at sea, the frame rate is very smooth and the GPU usage is 100%.

But when taking off, even when very low on the water, the CPU usage is then only 30% and lagging occurs.
And after landing on the sea surface it became smooth again. This cycle can keep reproducing.
I wonder if there is something wrong with the algorithm that is causing the CPU usage problem?

My PC is Intel i7 7700,32GB RAM,RTX2080 16G
Graghic setting is all ultra with render scale 200%。

Maybe tone down the render scale to 100%?

Thanks,I will try it tomorrow,and find what‘s the difference.
But 200% setting run well in other scenes…,so this is strange。

Well different situations pushes different loads into your hardware. Clear calm day gives you different FPS than heavy thunderstorm with rain and lightning and fog. The best thing to do is to set things to get the most comfortable FPS on a common average day. There will be times where the fps drops, and there are times when you reach the highest fps that you can squeeze. But most of the time, you should be aiming a comfortable fps for the average conditions.

Yes,But here the point is:When touch on the sea surface and fly 10 feet above the sea became totally different things.GPU Occupancy 100% then suddenly switch to 30%,And keep perform like this.When touch down 100% again unless you take off again…And I have changed the whether setting to live,clear sky, few clouds,and not change the behavior.And more,the scene is just sea surface with an small island,was not a heavy load(like citys with massive buildings and heavy whether, etc…).
Unfortunately there is no way to provide a video

so ,… If I assume Full-HD monitor you let render in 4K… in ultra… with a 2080… and wonder about small lags ?

When you’re touched down on the water, the simulator doesn’t have to calculate all the aerodynamic forces (the entire flight model). This probably frees up the CPU to be able to send a load more frames to the GPU.
Once you’re airborne again, the Sim has to calculate the flight model again.

This is not a shooter, where the FPS is the same when you’re standing still and when you’re moving. It’s a sim, and works differently.

Today, I flew with the same settings, same plane at the same place, set for different weather. The problem of yesterday did not occur and everything ran fine. I don’t know why it did yesterday, but, thanks for your answers.

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