GPU not at 100% usage in flight

Hey there! I have the issue that when I’m in flight, my gpu usage is at 60% to 70% and around 30-40 frames at any moment. This happens whatever the settings I’m using, from low-end to ultra. Any idea what can cause this? I don’t think it’s a cpu bottleneck cause mu CPU is at 30-50% usage pretty much at all times. I’ve tried optimizing windows and the game settings to try to solve this but nothing seems to really work.

RTX 2060
R5 3600 @ 4.1GHz
32gb RAM

I’ve heard of similar issues. Our best guess is that it’s from overall optimization inefficiencies though.

Thousands of threads on this. It’s a CPU bottleneck, your CPU may read its 50% usage, but one of those cores is being rammed. Look at devmode, it will tell you limited by Mainthread.


Lousy optimisation by Asobo.

Probably due to a rushed release of the game - I refuse to call it a simulator because at the moment, it isn’t any such thing.

Check this out: Small JS config file mod to gain 10/15+ FPS in airliners and glass cockpit planes

Are you testing while in the cockpit or external view?

In the cockpit, GPU usage is knowingly low. Its been discussed for awhile now and needs to be optimized.

From my experience, GPU usage in external view should be much higher. I’m curious to know.