GPU not utilized after update

Seems that after the update my hardware is not utilized to the full anymore.

Some specs: I10900k running AI specs
Asus RTX3090 OC
M2 970 SSD
3600mhz mem.
alianware 3440-1400 gsync enabled monitor.
Specs: All ultra except (cockpit display running medium)

Before the last update my gpu asus RTX3090 oc was used (in normal flights) around 80/90 to 100%.
Now FS uses 10-20% maximum of my GPU (show in windows taskmanager) runnig around 71 degrees C.
The CPU is used around 30-60% (65 degrees C)
3440-1400 ultrawide alianware witg G-sync 120hz
Windows power settings on high.

I tried to use the normal 3d settings from within sim. i tried the g force experience settings (on max) but it is still the same. PS when using the g force experience is goes to default settings after a pc reboot. Ingame (FS) still all on ultra settings. Yes i also have grainy clouds… even more and the filtering is even worse after this update.

I tried to enable en disable Windows game modes, no luck… Utilization of GPU is still low.
Dev modes in FS shows (most of the times main treat limited. sometimes GPU limited (still low in 3d percentage)…

When starting fornite the GPU is used 80-100% so GPU is running without any problems…

Anyone having this “problem” also?

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Seems to be quite a few threads about this, so yep. I also lost about 20 fps in most cases due to increased CPU load.

It is not that i lost frame rates… they are the same. It is more the fact that the game is not utilizing my GPU anymore… No matter if it is new york, las vegas, schiphol or what… CPU is around 28% GPU aounrd 9-20%. tried real weather and preset scenes… no change

I’m experiencing the same. Haven’t played since before the Japan update, just came back to it after upgrading to a 3080 and now the sim looks noticably worse (visually the same between low preset and ultra) and my gpu/cpu single thread usage hovers around 80%

If you have your frame rate locked, unlock them and turn on AI traffic and fly from or into a busy airport in the mountains with lots of clouds and I bet you will see high GPU utilization.

In that case it doesn’t really matter IMO. Unless the framerate has dropped to about 1/5 of what it was or you have dropped the graphical settings through the floor, the GPU usage number has to be incorrect. The sim wasn’t optimized to be five times faster than last patch.

Frame rates are not locked. Vsync is off because gsync is on. Frame rates are between 30 and 55. Mountains, heavy clouds, New York 100% traffic, cars boats real-time traffic or what… still almost no utilization of the GPU. +/- 10-20% maximum.

Settings in the game are still the same.
All on ultra (except cockpit display framers te on medium not high) all filtering on highest …like 16x en 8x8 in the game.

It’s a shame they change the game and is looking worse and worse per update. Now not even the hardware is used to the full anymore…Why?? Only so that VR is playable?

Has the game ever been a big GPU hitter though? I remember some of the early technical showcase Youtube videos made about it when it came out back in August said that although its clearly a great looking game its not overly taxing on a high end GPU.

One of the things I’ve noticed with my RTX 3080 is that it really doesn’t run hot with it. If I play something like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Cyberpunk the side of my PC case will get really quite warm. Thats never been the case with FS, even before the latest update. The CPU is where all the action is with this sim.

That’s the thing. My gpu is running 70-75 degrees C. Even with a utilization of 10-20%. How weird is that ?? CPU is around 65 degrees. And yes before this update the GPU was used around 70 to 90 procent.

have you fooled around with any OC profiles in MSA Afterburner or made any changes to the PCIe slot in BIOS?

Not at all. Not using msi and no change in HW

And as mention above or in other post. If I start an other game (like fortnite or so) the gpu is utilizing up to the max. So nothing wrong with the hardware. Clearly is something with flightsim.

It may be worth a look around in BIOS and ensure the PCI slot is configured correctly. Maybe a BIOS update wouldnt hurt if its not already up to date.

I use a RTX3070. If I lock the FPS at 30, during normal flight it uses 50 to 55% at ~63c. If unlocked, at cruise around 60-72 FPS at ~99% at 77c. I am 1440P scaling at 120%

Yea but on YOUR installation of FS2020. Maybe a re-install is in order. It really sucks to have to do that, I know. Their updates are a real pain.

Which aircraft is the 60-72fps achieved in during cruise?

I lost about 10-15fps on my RTX 3080… It’s being hardly used inside the cockpit!

I’m going to do a BIOS update. But I feel the problem is with MSFS because other games do utilize the GPU. So why not with MSFS like it did before? Let’s see what happens after the BIOS update. Question, do you mean a reinstall if MSFS or a complete PC/ windows reinstallation?

C172 g1000, c182, longitude…i dont fly the tubes and rarely over 10k altitude

The game not the OS

Just did a bios update… no luck.

Flying the tbm to eddl. Real weather or preset clouds. 9% gpu load running at 73C. CPU at 30% running 4,88ghz. Frame rate 55-60.