GPU RTX-3070 upgrade? Your advice and recommendations are appreciated

Hi all,
I’m thinking about upgrading my system with a faster GPU. The performance vs price of the RTX 3070 looks very promising. I’ve looked around for additional information and compatibility with my current system. There seem to be a number of possible limitations like my current MB and PSU. Next year I’m planning to build a new Pc (including my / this new GPU).

So my question is:
Will the RTX-3070 run on my current system and will I be able to use it to it’s full capacity? An other option would be the RTX-3060 btw.

My current specs:
CPU: Intel I7-7700
MB: MSI B-250M Pro-VD (?)
PSU: Crossair 550Watt (?)
RAM: 32GB DDR4 2400 Mhz
SSD: 1x250GB 2x 1TB
Monitor: Iiyama GE2788HS

Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions.

I think if you find a 2080 Ti at a good price, go for it vs 3070! 11 GB vs 8 GB of ram.

At 4K probably, at 1440p or lower most likely not. It will run, but I’d upgrade the PSU.

Before making any decision, I strongly suggest waiting a couple of days to check out AMD’s presentation on their new Radeon lineup.

Back to your direct question; the 3070 should do pretty well, as long as you aren’t going for 4K.
You should expect some ‘mainthread’ bottlenecking though. That CPU is getting on in years a bit, but it shouldn’t be too bad at all.

Thanks camer,
I thought about this option but the 2080 ti probably demands to much of my current PSU (550watt)? Also a 2nd hand 2080 ti will likely have run out of warranty.
Of course, I’ll keep this option open :+1:t2:

Thanks Sabena,
I don’t have a 4k monitor at this moment. I do have 2 1080? 27inch monitors.
My main concern (and the most complicated question) remains my (old) Motherboard.
Upgrading my PSU won’t be a real problem as I’m planning to upgrade my other hardware next year.
I guess your advice to wait for the specs of the 3060 also may be a wise choice.

Thanks :wink:

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Thanks MortThe2nd,
You’re right, Radeon is also bound to enter the ‘battlefield’. Good times for everyone who wants to upgrade.
I’m not running 4k at the moment.
I’m planning to upgrade the rest of my hardware next year, that’s why I’d like the components to be future-proof. Of course that also counts for my CPU.

Thanks for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:

2 1080p monitors with 150 render scaling should be fine too! Your motherboard will be fine, just the PSU needs an upgrade.

Thanks Sabena,

It’s reassuring to read my MB won’t give me any problems at the moment.
Reading GPU details about Cudacores and Terraflopps only brings up my appetite but I have no idea what their talking about.
I think the prices for a 750Watt PSU? will be bearable. Would this be sufficient for my future build?

I realize upgrading different parts isn’t the ideal situation but my wallet refuses to co-operate at this moment. I’ll await the details about the 3060 and AMD’s series. A 3060 may be the most logical next upgrade but I like to be future-proof, therefor the 3070 seems better equipped to deal with the latest techniques.
Thanks for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, 750W would be fine! 3070 would be great even with 7700!

If you want a 750W PSU recommendation let me know!

Hi guys will I be able to run the sim at 1440p?

Rtx 3090X
32gb ram
2tb nvme
1200 watts psu

Every bit of advice is welcome Sabena :slightly_smiling_face:

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Uhhhhh yeah!

It’ll run it at like 60+ FPS possibly.

That’s a rig better suited for 4K

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Any first thoughts about the 6000 serie that was presented yesterday? 16GB can definitely be a reason to switch to team red. Anyway, a great time to be hunting for new gear :sunglasses:.

Still waiting for third party reviews before I make up my mind, but if what they showed is true, then it looks like AMD wins overall. I think either choice will be just fine, but based on price/performance, I think AMD takes this round. Which is surprising and amazing, and can only bring more good in the future for all of us.

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have been running the same processor as you on tests with the rtx3070 and with the i9.

very little difference between it and the 2080ti but its very early days. one thing i will say is the 3070 is cooler and quieter.
we have 750w in one pc and 1000 in another. the 3070 runs perfectly fine with pci 3.

please check stock at overclockers. £529.


Just to be sure, you’re saying you ran a RTX 3070 combined with a I7-7700 on a MB similar to mine? I assume pci 3 is a previous serie or standard? I’ve really no idea :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

But if I get it right the RTX 3070 will be safe to use in my current system if I also upgrade my PSU to 750Watt. That’s good news, thanks :+1:t2:

i7 -9700kf @3.60ghz
32 gb ram
windows 10
rtx 3070.

now please bear in mind this pc only has the following installed.
windows 10
logitech msfs 2020 drivers.
nvidia drivers for ultrawide screen @200 hertz

no anti-virus or programs you usually have running in the background.
this is purely set up for msfs and to be honest unless you have a bottomless pit of money id be happy with this. everything is running really well and for £520 for the 3070 is say get that over a 2080 ti because it can only be improved in the future.

it gives off a lot less heat and the pc runs quieter compared to the 2080ti.
but its all about personal choice so dont take my word as gospel.
btw the rtx 3070 is a pci 4 card and does run well on current psi 3 boards so its up to you if you wish to upgrade your motherboard and change over to a amd chip.

Thanks for clarifying.
As I’m planning to upgrade the rest of my system next year I’m trying to find the most future-proof components available. The 3060 may be more in balance with my current setup but probably won’t keep up with future developments.
Like you I also prevent most programs to run- or start-up on (in?) the background btw.
At this moment (for me) the 3070 has a slight advantage over AMD’s 6000 series but I’m awaiting further comparisons / conclusion-video’s on YT.

I’m gonna be paying attention to this thread…my upgrade is going to be for primarily a sim machine…a machine thats tuned for flight sim will generally be decent at everything else too! Right now im leaning on team red and im really looking forward to seeing some 3rd party analysis.

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