GPU Specs & CPU specs?

I’m curious to know from the community what specs people look for on a GPU if they were to upgrade? And the same applies to CPU’s?

With new CPUs and GPUs from Intel/AMD/Nvidia due out this month and next, we are currently in a transitional period in terms of cost performance.

Since MSFS operates with a very wide range of specifications for user requirements, it is difficult to say “this specification is the best” because of the wide range of requirements from individual users.
It may be easier to answer if you know the target screen resolution and number of displays, and the required frame rate and settings.
As an extreme example, an environment like 4Kx3 + Full Ultra/LOD400 + always 60FPS is probably not yet available anywhere in this world. The upper limit is as high as it can go.

I am in a 5800X3D + 3090 environment, but I don’t think this is the best either.

I agree with the above post. Below is a link to an interesting web site that has various calculators that might be helpful. I definitely would not rely on just this one sites info in isolation to make your decisions but it may be useful to cross correlate tidbits you pick up on the web.

Home page | PC Builds (

I look for the best bang for the buck I can afford. I recently upgraded my R7 2700x. My plan was to get an R7 5800x but the price of AMD CPUs fell so much that the R9 6900x was in my budget.

Before buying MSFS, can someone tell me if the following specs for my new computer will support it. I was concerned that it does not have a NVIDIA graphics card. Thank you.
Technical Details

|Processor| ‎3.4 GHz core_i7|
|RAM|‎ ‎32 GB DDR3|
|Memory Speed|‎ ‎1666 MHz|
|Hard Drive| ‎‎1 TB SSD|
|Graphics Coprocessor| ‎‎Intel HD Graphics 4600|
|Chipset Brand| ‎‎Intel|
|Card Description| ‎‎Integrated|
|Graphics Card Ram Size|‎ ‎32 GB|
|Wireless Type|‎ ‎802.11n|
|Number of USB 2.0 Ports| ‎‎6|
|Number of USB 3.0 Ports|‎ ‎4|
|Brand| ‎‎Dell|
|Series|‎ ‎Optiplex|
|Item model number|‎ ‎9020|
|Hardware Platform| ‎‎PC|
|Operating System|‎ ‎Windows 10|
|Processor Brand| ‎‎Intel|
|Number of Processors| ‎‎4|
|Computer Memory Type|‎ ‎DDR3 SDRAM|
|Flash Memory Size|‎ ‎1 TB|
|Hard Drive Interface| ‎‎Solid State|
|Hard Drive Rotational Speed|‎ ‎7200|
|Optical Drive Type| ‎‎DVD-RW|
|Power Source|‎ ‎AC|

Throw in the trash.

Hi @DustyTech329. Welcome to the3 MSFS community. This is a great place to ask this type of question. You will likely get numerous responses.

MSFS is a hearty application that requires a dedicated GPU to perform well. I believe you will be disappointed using an integrated graphics setup. Your CPU is also on the low side, so again, your performance it likely to be sub-par.

I know this isn’t what you’d hoped for, but it should help you better understand what you need to consider to achieve somewhat acceptable performance…

Thanks Sartanius. My current computer is on its last leg and this computer (refurbished) was very much in my price range. A gaming computer was too expensive. I’ll use it for tasks at home, email, internet browsing, etc. I just didn’t want to buy MSFS if my computer wouldn’t do it justice. Thanks again.

Hi, just wondering if you think this pc would run the sim ok?

or if it would be better to go with a gaming pc, this is a workstation but that makes it cheaper, as i’m new to this i’m just wondering if it would work, the specs seem ok though?

Would run the sim fine. Probably not at ultra (and in ultra there’s a diminishing return between higher settings and quality actually), but with reasonable settings (1440p, TLOD 100/150 and OLOD 100/150, rest of the settings between high and ultra) should have no issues.