GPU usage and FPS' HUGE drop

Hi, I need assistance as I am currently facing the following problem:

I’m flying the Heavy division 787X in MSFS2020 and during departure and all of the flight, my fps were steady at about 30-40fps, but after about 5:30 hours of flight, my fps suddenly dropped to 5 fps, I went to check my gpu usage and it was at a stunning 20%, sometimes going down to 10% and temperatures went from the usual 75cº-80cº to only 50cº, which means that the sim is not taking full advantage of the GPU!

I think the problem is related to the Flight Sim not using the GPU completely, but I am not sure.

I am only having this issue since Sim Update 9.

My specs are:
RTX2060 Super

Intel i7-9700k

32gb of Ram

Playing in 4k

I am not using live traffic nor AI traffic (I am only flying on vatsim)

I am using the IVAO x_csl models

I am using the Heavy division 787x mod

This is related to a memory leak issue, search the forums for those keywords and you’ll see some ways to address it.

I have searched it and can’t really find any solutions, could you link me a thread that talks about this issue? Thanks!

There are quite a number of them. Here’s what the popular responses are:

-clear cache or paging file
-run “scannow” command in power shell
-turn off EFB while in flight
-alter your virtual memory.

If you search some of these topics along with memory leak, you’ll find a lot of good stuff to try.

Note: there is no official fix for this that I have seen. You have to just start messin’ with stuff.

Thanks, I will try these now!

This comment may not help a lot but I had exactly the same system that you have for the first year of FS2020 and it worked very well for me no memory leaks and good FPS. So you should persevere with your settings and research to find the solution.
EDIT I believe I saw Jorge from Asobo spec was the same.