Grading Marketplace Items

Now that there is a push to get items in the marketplace could we get a grading option based on user feedback. Right now we have some great stuff and we have some not so great stuff. A person shopping has no clue if he/she might be buying a lemon.

Hi @meh1951,
The wishlist would be a better location for this.

There are some related - reviewing the marketplace to what you posted (I think!):

Or, a search in the #self-service:wishlist for “marketplace”:
Search results for ‘marketplace #self-service:wishlist’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

There is the 5 star ratings which I’ve used. Are you thinking something more granular such as “external visual”, “flight model”, “animations”, etc?

Or search for tag:marketplace for Wishlist topics related to the Marketplace.

There are ratings, but no written reviews at the moment.

Don’t know yet. Hoping to get some ideas here. I have a number of items that if I had known how bad they were I would not have bought them.

Maybe a review board?

It is more easy than ever getting fully informed before buying anything on the internet. :wink:
Type “Product name + review” into Google or YouTube.
Especially YouTube is perfect, you can enjoy getting your airplane detailed to the last nut and bolt before buying it.

There are already wishlist topics regarding this.

2 of them are from 2020 and the most recent is about a year old.

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