Graphic Issue with scenery

Can anyone tells me the issue with my computer. I have fast download speed (around 300 Mbps) when downloading update or when i downloaded the game. I can run the game on high setting with decent fps (even if my card is only a nvidia geforce 1080). The game runs fine on generic cities but when I am in a photorealistic city my game does not seem to load the graphic properly. Even if i wait on the tarmac for 10 minutes. Example below are from San Francisco. It looks like a scene from a war movie.

thank you

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Check that you have enabled the Bing Data and Photogrammetry in the Data options. In my case was disabled after the new update.

this can be only if photo or and bing is on, without it, engine just use standard trees and buildings autogen

it’s bug in game, and not connected to your pc

they are on unfortunetly and the issue was there before the update

maybe I am being unrealistic. I understand it should not be pretty in the distance and that the ground is meant to be looked at from the air but this is the airport surrounding. Is it supposed to be like that?