Graphic quality and building details... what's wrong?

The very first day I used FS 2020 I was baffled by the quality of buildings and general looking.
I was flyiing around Milano and, as many others, I just observed my own house impressed by how it was just as real.
As the time passes looks to me as things are getting worse. Buildings are clearly some templates placed alla around. Roads are getting simpler… Even texture are no more photogrammetry but a simple repetition of predefined texture (I can see the pattern going towards the horizon).
My settings are pretty much ULTRA for everything (both my computer and GUnit are pretty new and powerful).

What I’m missing here? it’s just me?

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It’s a bug. The game randomly changes your graphical settings.


Check the ddata is turned on (esp. bing data). Check nvidia ge force hasn’t optimised settings. Check settings all Ok and set to low, save, then go back and set to ultra, then save.

Search the forums for the bazzilions of threads purporting to talk about downgrades. Or read my comparison post here:

Read/listen to the Q&A session with the developers here:


Check your settings and make sure it’s live streaming the data, after the last update it switched mine off. Just switch it back on.

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The fact that many people are complaining about this is telling you something.He said Ultra! Do you even read before commenting? There is a visual downgrade in some areas.They mentioned it was not intentional.


Exactly. Asobo Q+A said they’re aware of some unintentional graphics downgrades and are looking into it.

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Yep, 52:40 into the video linked in my post

Thank you @gordongreig
That was the case. I checked all graphics setting dunno how many times. I didn’t consider other options… this was really driving me crazy because is not that one flies always on the same places to check things is it?

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I dont understand why every time a post like this appears, people dismiss it and just post links and suggestions to check streaming data/optimisation.

I understand the data can go off and the nvidia optimisation is ridiculous but Its clear there has been a downgrade in some places, asobo spoke about it last week!

Personally i am really enjoying the sim for what it is and avoid negativity as much as possible but i dont understand why this is being dismissed so casually regardless of what the devs discussed?

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Please give us the original graphic quality. Brilliant twilight lighting is gone. It used to be bright even after sun has gone done, but now its just DULL. Aircraft reflection was great before but not now. Far draw distance is gone. Shadows in the cockpit is messed up. 787 elevator is ■■■■ on landing. I rather have few less fps than loose all this.

Because most of the graphical downgrades people are talking about are fairly minor (water reflection, draw distance, lod) compared to what the original poster was mentioning which sounded more like data streaming was turned off, which in fact that’s what it turned out to be.
No one is dismissing anything here, we just offered suggestions of what he can try.

Well, honestly @ZootSuit9682 I had a very specific issue and I got it sorted by @gordongreig suggestion.
I’m not saying there’s not a general or area-specific downgrade and it might be that the two things are overlaying but I started this thread for that problem and that problem is sorted.

People can obviously express their own opinions but it might be there are different perceptions of the same issue. I even got told to buy a new pair of glasses… LOL.

It’s all good to me

Can you mark the solution that solved your issue? That feature isn’t used much but it does help people to know there are some fixes for thing it the. TIA

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Just did. I’d mistaken one message for the other. Actually was your the proper solution. It was missing BING feature.

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