Graphical representation of passengers and/or cargo?

To have graphical representation of passengers and/or cargo? Flight simming has been going on for years and we’ve only had sliders to represent passengers or weight.

Is this sort of thing moddable or can it be done through Asobo?

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Not to sound negative and I’m sorry if I do.

How about we get everyone up and running with at least 30fps and the planes all working 100% correctly, before we look for more eye-candy (of any kind)?


Yep good idea indead and i think fsdreamteam will bring those features into the sim once GSX is ready to be published but they are waiting for some necessary SDK improvements before they can finish that tool.

But to answer your question yes it is possible to bring it into the sim but for Asobo the priority is low and i think GSX will come out faster :wink:


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I’m somewhat sure this is moddable. Thing is, they’ve obviously spend some time modelling the smaller planes for the show but they didn’t for the airliners. This is not meant to be offensive in any way because I imagine this is some serious and additional workload. But you can easily spot the “problem” when moving the showcase drone inside the fuselage.

I’m pretty sure this will get solved at least by 3rd party devs at some point, though.

I am confident that the planes will all work at some point. 30fps? That’s not a problem for me. Had to kick out some money though.
Passengers, a couple of boxes? That’s something that we’ve almost never had! At this point I’m not thinking about eye candy, it’s more of an immersion factor for me.

Thank you.

P. S. Title (sorry) I forget that this isn’t a forum that shows a preview of a post when you mouse over it! I’m suffering from “too many forum-itis”.

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Some of us couldn’t care less about FPS. To me it is completely irrelevant to this conversation.

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