Graphics are Sketchy since SU10

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It’s the first time that I enter the Forum and I’m not sure if I’m on the correct page, if not correct me, because I couldn’t create a new topic.

After the last MSFS update, I can’t simulate it anymore, as it has this sketch image, mirrored in all graphics, whether it’s aircraft, airports, etc. I have a PC with 64GB RAM, 3080TI Video Card, I9-10900K with Aorus 4K monitor. I’ve already changed monitors and run a game to see if the problem was not a monitor or video card, but really this only occurs on MSFS after the last update. Can you help me?


É a primeira vez que entro no Fórum e não tenho certeza se estou na página correta, se não estiver me corrijam, pois não consegui criar um novo tópico.

Após a última atualização do MSFS, não consigo mais simular, pois ele ficou com esta imagem de esboço, espelhada em todos os gráficos, seja de aeronaves, aeroportos etc.

Tenho um PC com 64GB RAM, Placa de Vídeo 3080TI, I9-10900K com monitor Aorus 4K. Já troquei de monitor e rodei um jogo para ver se o problema não era monitor ou placa de vídeo, mas realmente isto ocorre apenas no MSFS após a última atualização.

Vocês podem me ajudar?


Isso é um erro muito estranho. Você deve criar um “+New Topic” para este erro aqui.

Por favor, poste em inglês para que outros possam ajudar. O Google Tradutor pode ajudá-lo.

Translated: Please post in English so that others can help. Google Translate can help you.

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Hello @DizzyBasket7278,
You may dual language as long as English is first. :+1:

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Ah thanks. I’m just being helpful to a new visitor. Cheers.


You may assist in both languages as long as you dual language with English first. :+1:

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OK. How can I open a New Topic in English? Could you help me with a link? Thank you very much.

Hello, I’ve already created a topic for you regarding the graphic glitches in the hanger.

You can create a new topic (without duplicating an existing topic) on something else by navigating to the home page: Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

You may post in subcategories (ones that have a colored square next to them):

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Thank you for your immediate support. I’ll post more photos of this bug here in the hope of getting help to fix this serious problem that prevents me from flying. Thanks again.

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Dear friends.

After the last update of MSFS my graphics were like this, impossible to simulate.

I don’t have any add-ons installed.

I have already reinstalled MSFS and nothing has changed.

I’ve already tested other games to see if it was a problem with my monitor, cables or video card and the problem is only with MSFS.

My setup is a PC with 64GB RAM (4 x 16GB), Evga RTX 3080 TI, Gigabyte Z490 Master Motherboard, i9-10900K and Aorus 32 – 4K Monitor.

Please help me, I’m desperate as I invested a lot of money in joystick, yoke, throttle, airplanes and airports on MSFS and now I can’t simulate!

Thank you very much.

disable Wireframe on Dev Mode

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Hello @MrRosGamerBR,
Check above about disabling wireframe in Developer Mode:

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and if you dont know what you’re doing, its better to disable Dev Mode. most of your flight wont be logged and achievements too :slight_smile:

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Dear friend, you saved my life!!! Thank you very much!!! I’m so happy!!! Best Regards from Brazil.